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Anyone have any experience with a folding stock on a shotgun.I have a 12 ga. mossberg 500 and i want it to be able to fit inside a good size pack.So i was considering a folder.Any comments would be appreciated.

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folding stock for shotgun

My buddy kev82abn has a mossberg 500 with a folding stock. Check out this thread -

I used to have a mini-14 and a mini-30 with a folding stock

Folding stocks usually do not have a lot of padding on the shoulder pad, so they seem to kick a little harder. So you have a trade off, a shorter firearm, but with what seems a little more kick.

On the other side, with a folder, you have the option to shot from the hip a lot easier then with a regular stock.

I recommend getting a folder. Even if you dont like it, at least you can say you tried a folding stock.

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They are good for exiting vechicles and in confined areas, otherwise the recoil is increased and in rifles the accuracy is diminished.

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I have an 870 LE Folder.
It is compact, and easy too carry.
I also have an issue Mossberg 590 with fixed stock.
It really depends apon your use of the weapon.
A folder is good for minimal concealment, but you have too hold off, from the stock too shoot it, if shouldered.
The metal stock is not freindly too your check, if fired like a full stock shotgun.
They both have thier advantages, and disadvantages.
I really like my 870 folder, but I also like my 590.
Around the house, or carry in camp, the 870 hedges over the 590.
But if it were a combat situation, and all I had was a 12 ga. I would choose the 590 for the extra controll and rounds, and full stock.
I have no trouble shooting either, but my 870 LE folder holds 7 rounds, while the 590 holds 9 rounds, and I have a side saddle shell holder (6 rounds) and a speedfeed stock, that holds 4 more rounds.
I can grab it and go, with 19 rounds of 00 buck, rather then 7 rounds.
I will say, the shorter 870 points quicker, and I prefer it around the house, with available ammo, just inside the door.
Think about how you will use it in the largest percentage of the time, not the ocational, maybe senerio.
Or, buy two, one fixed, and one folder.
Big five sports runs sales on 870 Express magnums, all the time.
7 or 8 shot 12 ga. under $300.00.
Not folders, but very good shotgun for the money.
590's can run from $300.00-$600.00, depending on options.
Very good shotgun too.
I would not care to choose one over the other, they are both great shotguns.
That is why I have one of each, I like them both, just for different uses.
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