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FNS-9. Good/Bad/Ugly?

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Well, I'm new here, but I would like some opinions from the group if you will. I am about to purchase a new handgun, and I really fell in love with the FNS-9 at my LGS. I've read this is a new design with a lot of PROs, and few (if any) CONs. Does anybody have experience with this particular firearm? Any problems, and what would you compare it to? All opinions welcome. Thanks for reading my first post!
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Do not go farther than field stripping the gun.
My only complaint is the complexity of the trigger system and the associated assembly and disassembly for detail stripping.
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Thanks. Will a gun be adequately clean for its lifetime by only field stripping to clean? How often should one disassemble and deep clean their handgun? I think a round count would be the best unit of measure.
You can always shoot some gun scrubber in there... I tell ya what, carbon, dirt and junk just runs out like a river... No need to fully disassemble the weapon. HTH..

Out of curiosity, Id like to hear more about the weapon too... I almost got an FNX-9, its kinda like a 1911 Version 2.0! I really liked it, but the absolute and total devoid availability of holsters kept me from getting it.

You should be fine with a regular flushing if the trigger assembly with one of the poly safe aerosol cleaners.

The trigger assembly while strong enough is something of a Chinese puzzle to reassemble.
I'd black out the rear sight. Sharpie works great.
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