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Winter is coming.
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Owned this little flashlight for around a year now. I've used it extensively for camping, EDC and for my duties as a volunteer emergency services worker.

Its 126mm long.
Spits out 345 lumens at high output.
Has an 'infinitly variable' control. Essentially a dimmer.
Strobe mode
Thumb button
Is water proof to a couple of metres.
Cost me about $100 (aussie dollars) from

I've been very impressed with this little torch from day one. The light is pure white and has a crisp edge to it. Its bloody bright too, i took it out at an alcohol fuelled bucks night (in the bush) and everyone there was blown away by the power of the thing. They arent the kinda people who know about 'tactical' torches though admitedly.

The stand out feature of the flashlight is the 'infinitly variable' brightness control. This is an exceptional feature that allows you to control the brightness from 0-345 lumens just by twisting the end. You can set it near the middle for day to day tasks, down real low to keep your night vision or on max output for tactical use. The real benefit here is that you only have to press the button once to get full output without messing around with various settings. In a self denfense scenario this IMO would be quite important. Another handy use for the dimmer is while walking at night. I've found i can walk with the torch on but dimmed to nothing or barely nothing and keep my night vision. If a puddle or other obstacle comes along, you can dim up the light with a thumb just enough to negotiate the obstacle and dim it back down afterwards. I dont know of another torch that can do this.

It does have some bad points. You cant stand it on end as the button sticks out just a little ( why didnt they fix this?! ) and the pocket clip provided is a bit flimsy and isnt at the end of the torch, so it sticks up about 20mm out of your pocket.

It seems tough though as its survived some hard use and the battery life is excellent. This again is probably a byproduct of the dimmer though.

Thought i'd review it because i havent heard much talk of Nitecore flashlights. They also make a 135mm long 2000 lumen flashlight that may interest a few of you.


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Hey Papa great review of what looks like a fantastic light from nightcore.

I'm especially a fan of bezel adjust with tail clicky on/off. Like on the Fenix E21.

Good to see nightcore putting out another winner.

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