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This is not hard to fix, the safety-nazis don't need to worry.

Just get some heat shrink, a soldering iron and some small solder and flux. Cut the wires at the bad spot, strip them and twist together, But don't forget to slip the heat shrink over it before you twist the wire together.

Hold the iron under the bare wire (but touching it, so the wire is resting on the iron). When the wire is hot enough, put some flux on it, it will sizzle off, then touch the solder onto it, if the wire is hot enough the solder will melt onto the wire. Get it good and coated. The idea is to heat the wire hot enough that it will melt the solder, you don't want to melt the solder with the iron itself.

Then slip the heat shrink over the splice, hold a lighter under it and it will shrink up nice and tight around the splice.

Repeat with the other wire.

This is a good skill to have, and you won't ever learn it if you don't do it.

If you want a tutorial, go here.

Adafruit is a great site for buying the equipment you will need, or you can get it at Lowes, Radio Shack, etc.

I reread the post and saw that it is the plug, not the wire, but the concept is the same.

You could also cut a plug (that is the same size) from an old AC adapter and splice the wires. I have done this many times and never throw out old AC adapters for this reason, just make sure you get the polarity right by checking with an ohm/volt meter. Almost always, the + is the inside and the - is the outside on those connectors. Also, usually the + wire will have some identifying marks on it that may be hard to see at first, like white dashes.
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