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ne of the most ignored, or possibly least talked about components of survival is fitness. I used to be skinny, weak, and unable to do more than 10 pushups without struggling, now I can do 60+, run 4 miles in under 30 minutes and do 15 pull ups at once. People need to put more emphasis on fitness for many, obvious reasons.
These are the exercises I did and I recommend anyone that is wanting to build size, strength, endurance, and power do all of these as many as you can, two times a day.

#1 Push-Ups: Pretty basic always able to get a workout out of them
#2 Sit-Ups: Obviously an ab exercise, ab strength is crucial for many things
#3 Running: An absolute must, it will melt fat, build cardio and leg strength
#4 Curls: Build size and brute strength
#5 Bent Over Rows: Build back muscle, use a dumbbell and chair, desk or anything like that
#6 Calf Raises: Build leg strength
#7 Squats: Another must build thigh muscle mostly
#8 Pull-Ups: Amazing exercise
These are pretty much what I did and continue to do to this day. This will build and work almost every muscle in your body and get you in great shape fast. It's great for getting you in shape for TEOTWAWKI too haha

Hope this provides some inspiration / incentive for people to get in shape for SHTF, because we all know you need to be able to carry large loads, for long distances. Let me know if you have any questions

Good day to all

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Looks great! Thank you for the post! Two things that I also include is neck exercises and grip strength (forearm) work. The neck holds up your "command center." You don't want a pencil neck and have your Bug-Out vehicle rear-ended, by some crazy MZB's, and you have a neck injury that puts you out of the fight. Not to mention in all out, hand 2 hand combat to the death, your neck can be a very vulnerable area.
Also, in a true SHTF situation, you are only as good as what you can carry. This is where grip strength and forearm work comes into play. So ditch those straps, and work the forearms!
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