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First Rifle suggestions?

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I was planning to get my first rifle this week, but I really dont know much about guns. Can anyone make any suggestions?
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i agree with the fact that the .22 caliber is a good choice to start shooting , but i disagree with buying a semi auto as a first rifle for these reasons:

- the fact that you can just pull the trigger to shoot again and the hi-cap magazine can induce to a "spray and pray behavior " among beginners. this is especially right with the 10/22 ; altough its a great rifle , 30 rounds mags can make you lazy to aim.
by buying a bolt action , the fact that you have limited capacity and a longer time to reload is likely to make you aim , and then each shot count . (you also learn to save ammo that way)

-Maintenance: for someone completly new to firearms , maintain a semi auto mechanism is hard . a bolt acton is easier to take apart and maintain.

i was going to say "price argument" , but since the ruger 10/22 is so cheap this has no value. this is true for bigger calibers

for someone who already have some experience with fireams , the ruger 10/22 is a great choice
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