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I was planning to get my first rifle this week, but I really dont know much about guns. Can anyone make any suggestions?
Wow...that's an incredibly broad question. Could you tell us why you are buying the rifle? Hunting, self defense, target, competition? What is your skill level? Do you have a caliber in mind? What type of action...bolt action, semi auto? What is your price range?

There are literally thousands of options and nobody can give you good advice without knowing a bit more. Right now I think the only suggestion I could make is to start reading, go to a gun range and rent, ask questions at the local gun shop, take a NRA gun safety course. Basically, you need to do some research just to know what's available and narrow the search a little.

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Well, it’s hard to go wrong with a .22 long rifle bolt action as a first rifle.
CZ 452
Marlin 925 (I think they call it the xt-22 now)
Ruger 77/22
Crickett .22 (youth sized)
Savage Mk 2

You can step up to a semi-auto if you want
Ruger 10/22
Marlin 60
Remington 597
Marlin 795

.22 Long Rifle is a good starting cartridge. It is cheap plentiful and easy to shoot. This will allow you get a lot of practice in that’s as easy on your shoulder as it is on your wallet. If you are looking to get a rifle for defensive purposes or hunting medium to large game a .22 is not recommended. However, I do recommend having a .22 as a part of any firearm collection.

First I would suggest reading up on firearms safety and handling if you do not know that much. Take a NRA safety course.

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Yeah, the .22 is very popular for beginners... I learned on one when I was 8.

Going with a more grown up gun, go with an entry level AR if money is an issue. The M&P Sport runs between 599-650.00.

If you are looking for something less expensive, look at the Mosin Nagant.

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It depends...are you a 12 year old or a grouchy old man?

Do you live in a city or in the country?

Four-legged game or two?

What kind of experience with firearms?

I guess to send you the way I'm planning on going...

PTR-91 GI (relatively cheap but quality .308 battle rifle for defense and large game)

Ruger single six convertible ($200 .22 revolver with an extra .22 magnum cylinder) for small game and self defense if absolutely necessary.

Eventually a reliable handgun (this is mostly up to personal preference, mine being a M1911).

Hope that helps

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With how much you admit to knowing about rifles, I strongly recommend you do NOT buy one this week.

More research, more reading/posting, hit the ranges and rent some rifles to feel different calibers, really think about what you want it to do and really LOOK at where you live to start to understand what range/accuracy you will want/need.

...yeah, that's like a month of work/thinking there.

Buy too soon, and you will just find something different and have to do the sell back and buy again dance which makes everyone money...except you.

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your first rifle should be a .22 as everyone has already stated.

a gun is loaded unless you have checked it to prove otherwise, if someone else handles it or you leave it unatended, you have to assume its loaded again.

never point a gun at something you dont want to destroy or kill, because an accidental discharge will destroy or kill whatever your pointing your gun at.

always keep your safty on until you are ready to take a shot.

never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to take a shot.

be shur of your target and what is beyond it.

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i agree with the fact that the .22 caliber is a good choice to start shooting , but i disagree with buying a semi auto as a first rifle for these reasons:

- the fact that you can just pull the trigger to shoot again and the hi-cap magazine can induce to a "spray and pray behavior " among beginners. this is especially right with the 10/22 ; altough its a great rifle , 30 rounds mags can make you lazy to aim.
by buying a bolt action , the fact that you have limited capacity and a longer time to reload is likely to make you aim , and then each shot count . (you also learn to save ammo that way)

-Maintenance: for someone completly new to firearms , maintain a semi auto mechanism is hard . a bolt acton is easier to take apart and maintain.

i was going to say "price argument" , but since the ruger 10/22 is so cheap this has no value. this is true for bigger calibers

for someone who already have some experience with fireams , the ruger 10/22 is a great choice
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