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Shot a 50 cal this weekend with a Burris scope. Very, very impressed, was the clearest thing with the best colors I've ever looked through, including every Leupold and Nikon in town. I thought a Trijicon Accupoint looked nice until I tried this thing, was something like a 5x20x50mm with target turrets.

Biggest question is what to call a situation with the reticle. Many that I have tried, especially my Zeiss Conquest, EOTECH's, and ACOG's, will let you look through the scope in such a way that the reticle will be out of focus. You have to focus your eyesight on the target, then the reticle will clear up. Basically if your eyes are focused in the same way that you'd be looking if both eyes were open, you can see clearly, otherwise it's fuzzy. I do not like this. The Burris is just clear, doesn't matter how you look through it. You can even try to look at the reticle itself and it is clear.

What do you call this? First focal plane? I don't know. What do I look for to find scopes like this?

On a related note, I have an almost new Zeiss Conquest for sale. :D:
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