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Filling kerosene lamps

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I have a couple of kerosene lamps and have started storing kerosene, but am finding it a messy process filling the lamps. I am using a funnel to pour from the bottle, but I am still finding a lot gets spilled, and it is too messy to fill the lamps in place, so I have to carry the full lamp around which is not ideal.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Use a bigger funnel to transfer the kerosene from the bulk container into one of the smaller fuel bottles available at sporting goods stores(REI, Academy etc)then use your smaller funnel to fuel the lantern. Or in place of the fancy fuel bottle, just transfer it to an empty 1qt oil bottle (or fuel stabilizer) I have a collection of empty bottles just for situations like this.
Of course, I have been labled a pack-rat before.
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