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I found this while researching water storage.

Texas Water Development Board
Rainwater Harvesting Manual 3rd edition

Rainwater harvesting is the capture,
diversion, and storage of rainwater for a
number of different purposes including
landscape irrigation, drinking and
domestic use, aquifer recharge, and
stormwater abatement.
In a residential or small-scale
application, rainwater harvesting can be
as simple as channeling rain running off
an unguttered roof to a planted landscape
area via contoured landscape. To prevent
erosion on sloped surfaces, a bermed
concave holding area down slope can
store water for direct use by turfgrass or
plants (Waterfall, 1998). More complex
systems include gutters, pipes, storage
tanks or cisterns, filtering, pump(s), and
water treatment for potable use.​
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