Have a 200 round factory case of this ammo that I'm looking to sell or trade off. We can talk about price. Info below is from another seller to give you information about the round. Any questions please send me a message.

223 REM 55GR Federal Tactical TRU® Sierra BTHP (T223A) is part of the Federal Tactical® TRU® product line; specifically designed for use in semi-automatic rifles or "Urban Rifles" such as variants of the M-16 or AR-15. TRU bullets are specifically engineered, ranging from fragmenting designs for tactical entry to deeper penetrating bullets. This is particularly important for use in urban settings.

Quantity – 200
Manufacturer - Federal
Bullet Weight – 55 grain
Bullet Type - Hi-Shok SP
Muzzle Velocity – 3220 fps
Casing - Brass