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FDA Plans Rules for Modified Food Animals
Guidelines to Focus on Safety Issues, Claims of Producers

WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration released proposed guidelines on how to regulate genetically engineered animals, in a move that is expected to pave the way for them to enter the food supply.

The biotech industry has long sought to use such technology on fish, pigs, cattle and other animals to produce ones that grow faster or possess desirable traits, such as high fiber content or resistance to illnesses such as mad-cow disease.

According to BIO, a biotechnology trade group, there could be as many as two dozen applications to sell genetically engineered animals already pending before the FDA. One submitted by a Massachusetts developer is for an Atlantic salmon.

Under the proposal, the FDA would require regulatory approval before any genetically engineered animals could be sold as food. The FDA would seek to ensure that any genetic modification was safe for the animal, did what the producer claims, and didn't pose any risk for human consumption. Regulators said they won't require human trials to test the safety of eating genetically modified animals.

"This is a cutting-edge technology that has significant implications, including real benefits, not just for human health, but also for animal health, such as developing disease-resistant animals," said Bernadette Dunham, director of the agency's Center for Veterinary Medicine.

The public has 60 days to comment on the proposal.

Genetically engineered animals are created by inserting a desired gene into the DNA of an animal, or otherwise manipulating relevant genes, to add new traits. The technology is already used in other areas, such as the production of insulin and the development of pest-resistant crops. The food industry uses some genetically engineered microorganisms to aid in baking, brewing and cheese making.

The FDA said it isn't planning to require food makers to notify consumers if products contain ingredients from genetically engineered animals or their offspring. Companies would be required to tell consumers about any changes in food composition, such as when pork from genetically engineered pigs contains higher level of the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The biotech industry, which has worked with the FDA for a decade on the issue, welcomed the proposed guidelines. Barbara Glenn, managing director of animal biotechnology at BIO, said the "extremely strict" approval process will help boost consumer confidence and standardize the process. "We hope this spurs the approval of the first product in the United States," she said.

Consumer groups said the guidelines don't go far enough to address possible safety, environmental or other risks, such as if an animal escapes and breeds with nonmodified animals.

"This is a first step for the federal government, but the new guidelines won't address all the problems it poses," said Gregory Jaffe, biotechnology director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer group in Washington.

Jaydee Hanson, policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, another consumer group, said he is worried that, as with drug trials, consumers may be kept in the dark until a food animal is approved. He suggested that at least in the first cases, the FDA should subject the applications to peer review. He also took issue with the agency's plan not to require special labeling on food with ingredients from genetically engineered animals.

FDA officials said they will review each application, hold advisory-committee meetings and monitor the new food animals for safety after they are approved.

The FDA expects to waive premarket approval for certain animals used in research, or not as food, such as it did with a genetically engineered fish that glows in the dark. Officials said they intend to regulate separately such animals used to produce drugs for humans or animals.


Thought you might want to see this, sort of makes my stomach queazy:xeye:,
The more I think about how little control we have over our food, lives, goverment :taped: :mad:

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