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FBI Raiding IHOP Restaurants in Toledo for Terrorist Activity

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No, really, its the front page of today's newspapers:

I know that they had employed illegal immigrants for janitorial duties, but I have never seen any indication of "terrorism" before.

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Today's update on this story: One of those detained in the IHOP raid had also been detained in the aftermath of the 911 investigation, for providing material support to terrorists:

From today's Toledo Blade:

Mr. Elkafrawi's home was searched by authorities on Tuesday, as was the Evansville home of Tarek Omar, manager of the IHOP there.

Mr. Omar was one of nine men detained in Indiana by federal agents in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Suspected of having material information on terrorist activity, Mr. Omar was later released and was not prosecuted.

The entire story is here:

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