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Father's Day gifts

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with only about 3 days to go I wanted to start a thread to showcase all those spiffy ties and chainsaws we are all gonna get/give for father's day.

Show us all what your kids got you or what you got your Dad on this celebratory day!

I will be getting my Dad Beer of the Month club, as always, because its the 1 thing he really enjoys and it gets used....unlike all the horrid ties and misc. gadgets he has gotten from us over the years-every year BOTM wins!
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My Dad passed when I was little, but now I'm the proud Father of a brilliant 10 Year old Boy. He got me a Pierre Cardin Machanical Pencil, Silver and 18K Gold.
He knows that I love to design stuff with Mechanical Pencils and that I collect them. He was at his last day of school, and his Teacher let each student pick one thing from the Class to take home. He saw the Mechanical Pencil and immidiatly thought of me and snatched it up. It's definitly the nicest MP that I own, and I will treasure it forever. It's super nice. I'll come back and post Pics' later.:)
I hit the motherlode. My bride got me:
1) A cover for my MES smoker
2) A new pillow (I usually inherit her old one)
3) A four wheeler plow (She bought it in like new condition for $125!)
4) A four wheeler Trailer (She bought it used for $30! Great condition too)
5) A blue tooth (so I can look like a geek - Actually i talk to her while I commute a lot)

She spoiled me. She is also quite the frugal shopper. Didn't get any prepping stuff, but maybe for Christmas.
a late entry from my sis-in-law netted me me a dutch oven!
55 inch flat screen TV for the living room. 32 inch flat screen TV for my office. Essential preps :thumb:
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Brand new snow shovel, pick axe, sledge hammer. Also new 1mil life insurance policy. LOL just kidding. My sons chipped in and bought me a 3 blade "Case" workman pocket knife with geniune stag handgrips. Pretty, well made and sharp out of the box!
Wife picked some NY steaks, 18pk Keystone light beer, and a French Silk pie from Bakers Square. Got to watch my favorite video, "Saving Private Ryan". Doesn't get any better than this!
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