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F�llkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

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Fällkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

Opinions? I'm talking about what I can buy new today, not old models (so please don't compare to a carbon v model of the srk which i cannot buy new). I don't mind suggestions on other knives you may prefer, but please at least end the replay with a vote for one of these two (if these were the two you needed to pick from). Intended usage = wilderness survival.

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It is lunacy to bring up a four year old thread and apply what's happening now to it since market conditions have changed drastically.

First and foremost there is a humongous difference between being a wage slave and slave labour!..We in the free world are all wage slaves whether employee, management or owners; whether we're paid hourly, monthly or take what's left of the profits doesn't matter we are all completely, totally, dependent on the customer...Yes, even the government who has to get money through taxation of the manpower, residents and tariffs...The situation in PRC (Communist Mainland China & Hong Kong) is that they are using actual slaves to do the work...Political prisoners, rounded up at say a rally, thrown in jail, never tried and forced to produce whatever twelve to fourteen hours a day with two meals of gruel, or they are beaten...They are employing children (as young as eight) to work those same hours in places like the linen mills...There are numerous cases filed against them in the World Court that they choose to just ignore since they are now the powerhouse manufacturing big shots of the whole damn world.

Now, to the SRK...The first models were made in Japan...Around 2004, Camillus closed its doors and lots of makers lost their US steel producer because of that...Lynn had to resort to using expensive Japanese (union wages and benefits) and his Taiwanese makers...There are dozens of rumours as to why he left Taiwan from the company owner dying, the plant burnt down, he was told to eff himself and many more...Whatever the reason he moved to mainland China and he was happy as he now could get a product made, of fairly good quality at a price point that the customer would like...Or so he thought...Lots of people refused to buy his Chi-Comm made stuff whether from moral or political issues (like myself) or because the quality wasn't that good with problems like handles falling off and blades breaking doesn't matter--sales plummeted...Only course of action was to find another (or the same) Taiwanese (ROC) maker and move SOME of the blades back there; which he did and now everything is "happy, happy"! BTW, same thing happened to Benchmade, Buck, Schrade etc.

Where the present model is made I couldn't give a good god damn but I do know that's it's for certain not PRC and I seriously doubt that it ever was.

Tidbit--his Carbon-V is just 1095-Improved that was made by Camillus (0170-6C) which they sold to dozens of other makers like Ka-Bar, Blackjack etc...SR-5 is whatever they have on hand and it switches by country, day of the week etc.
FYI - VG-1 San Mai lll steel is made by Takefu Special Steel Co.,Ltd of Japan.
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I guess Cold Steel's website and my SRK sitting beside me stating that it is made in Japan is wrong.... we might need to contact them and tell them....
Cold Steels machete's and throwing knives are the main things made in China. The rest is Taiwan and Japan
Their machetes for the most part come from South Africa and their swords from India (Windlass Steelcrafts)...Their tomahawks come from American Tomahawk Co.

Their budget line is still made in PRC, granted a lesser amount, but still made there.
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If you can find one of the old US made SRKs, they are pretty good. It holds an edge well. I've got one I bought around '90, I think? It's the "Carbon V" steel. I've used and abused it since I was a kid. It was the first "big" purchase I ever made. I saved my paychecks as a dishwasher at a local restaurant for a couple months to have enough free money to buy it. I think back then I paid $60 or so for it. The only thing I don't like about it is the crappy sheath. One of these days I'll find a good leather sheath for it!
NO question about it in my mind Adam.
A1 is by far the better knife of those two.

A1-Made in Japan.
SRK-Made in China.

A1-Laminated VG10 Steel.Coated or uncoated.Coating WILL wear off with use.
SRK-AUS8.Coated blade only.Coating WILL wear off with use.

A1-Convex edge...scary sharp!
SRK-Do they even come with an edge???;).

A1-Functional sheath.
SRK-Functional sheath.

A1-Thermorun handle...very hard & durable material.
SRK-Softer,less durable handle material.

A1- About $170.00.
SRK-About $75.00.

I've owned both,although my SRK had the Carbon V blade,and By FAR the better knife was the A1.
The question is whether or not it's worth the extra $$$ to you.

I can attest to the crappyness of the edge on the srk. The blade also came loose in the handle oon mine.
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