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F�llkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

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Fällkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

Opinions? I'm talking about what I can buy new today, not old models (so please don't compare to a carbon v model of the srk which i cannot buy new). I don't mind suggestions on other knives you may prefer, but please at least end the replay with a vote for one of these two (if these were the two you needed to pick from). Intended usage = wilderness survival.

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NO question about it in my mind Adam.
A1 is by far the better knife of those two.

A1-Made in Japan.
SRK-Made in China.

A1-Laminated VG10 Steel.Coated or uncoated.Coating WILL wear off with use.
SRK-AUS8.Coated blade only.Coating WILL wear off with use.

A1-Convex edge...scary sharp!
SRK-Do they even come with an edge???;).

A1-Functional sheath.
SRK-Functional sheath.

A1-Thermorun handle...very hard & durable material.
SRK-Softer,less durable handle material.

A1- About $170.00.
SRK-About $75.00.

I've owned both,although my SRK had the Carbon V blade,and By FAR the better knife was the A1.
The question is whether or not it's worth the extra $$$ to you.

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i love knife snob threads lol. i mean are you really trying to say that a SRK would not last? that it would not do anything you ask of it?
I'm not a knife snob Sir.

The poster asked a question & I gave an answer.

Thanks for your valuable contribution.

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i notice that you didnt answer my questions to you.
The SRK would last. The A1 would last longer.

Would the SRK do anything I asked of it? Maybe,but why take that chance?

Do you actually think the newer SRKs are the same quality as the Fallknivens?
If so,I'd love to hear why.
I think that's what the OP was getting at. You know...which is the better knife. You understood that...right?

Not which one he should buy 2 of in case one breaks or gets confiscated or anything like that.

Did I answer your questions satisfactorily?

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not really. either knife will last forever if treated kindly, either one will eventually fail if abused.
the SRK will do ANYTHING that could possibly be expected of it.
the way i see it a knife in the SRK's class will basically outperform the user. so if any knife is somewhat better, but at a much higher cost, its just a waste.

its fine if you wanna testify how amazing and great the A1 is, but to bash the SRK likes its some POS is absurd. its about who spent more, we buy bragging rights in this society.

I'm so thankfull that my testfying is fine with you.
I'll sleep well tonight.

On a serious note appears that you may have finally answered the original question!

Thanks for your opinion.

Okay...Okay...I'll be a knife snob if it will make trixie happy.
Still working on the rich prick thing though.

In the meantime trixie,would you be so kind as to educate us with your reasons for feeling that the A1 isn't worth more money than the SRK?

I for one would really appreciate your in depth insite as to why you feel that way.

Maybe that will help get this thread back on track.

Thank You...

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Reactions: 1 about THIS:

You have 2 knives.
One that costs around $80 & one that costs a little less than twice that much. Not 10 X more,as in your diamond scenario.
The $80.00 knife is actually more like an overpriced $20.00 knife & the more expensive knife is more like an overpriced $100.00 knife.
(HEY..knife companies need to make a profit too...)
The reason you have these knives is to help you save your butt in case you get into a situation where equipment failure would be a very,very bad thing.
Or maybe you use the knife as a tool for your job.
Could be that you're just done with the whole tactical/ninja thing & want to use good quality stuff now.

Which would you rather depend on?

More to the point,just using trixies limit of $100.00 for a knife,how about we all look at what knives we can buy for $100.00 or less that you would actually be willing to depend on in whatever your idea of a survival situation is.
I can think of quite a few makers & manufacturers that would get my money before some of the others.
Might make for some interesting & helpfull discussion.

trixie has already answered,I think,but there might be something he wants to add.
Looking forward to everyones thoughts.

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Just as an afterthought,Do you all think this should go in a new thread or should it be alright here?

thats fair, and a great idea too.

i'd love to hear examples of situations/ uses where a A+++ quality knife would expected to make a difference over a B quality knife. better than "it would hold an edge better" like real examples.
They're "B" quality knives for a reason.
But it's not about that..try to get past that.
Try reading ALL of the words.
I'm asking about knives that can be had for $100.00 or less.

Would you care to share any details about the knives you've abused,or would you rather not?

Not only to get its steel. Cold Steel knives are made there. Not saying that's good or bad,just saying...

A little dated,but still worth reading:

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It's evident from the posts here that NOBODY is going to change their mind here.
That's good...everyone likes what they like & has their reasons.
If a Cold Steel product satisfies your needs,stay with it.
If you like something else instead,that's fine too,but there ARE other knives to consider besides the Cold Steel or the Fallkniven.

I asked once before & didn't get any replies,so I'll ask again if anyone has any opinions.
Using a $100.00 top limit,what other good quality knives would you consider buying for your primary blade???
To start it off,here are some of my $100.00 or less blades that I've used & have been very satisfied with:

I understand that not everyone will like them & that's okay. I use them & like them so that's all that matters to me.


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Lets go with street price. What you can buy it for. Not MSRP as that's always the higher price except in the case of the customs.
Fixed or folder is up to you.
Whatever you would like as your primary field/survival knife that you'll most likely be carrying.
That looks like a pretty good list there so far...Thanks.

Anyone else???

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