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F�llkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

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Fällkniven A1 vs. Cold Steel SRK

Opinions? I'm talking about what I can buy new today, not old models (so please don't compare to a carbon v model of the srk which i cannot buy new). I don't mind suggestions on other knives you may prefer, but please at least end the replay with a vote for one of these two (if these were the two you needed to pick from). Intended usage = wilderness survival.

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i love knife snob threads lol. i mean are you really trying to say that a SRK would not last? that it would not do anything you ask of it?
Here's a site that shows both knives being abused to death. The A1 proves to be the better knife even before Cold Steel downgraded the SRK. We're talking about a piece of kit that your life could depend on. If someone wants the best they can get, God bless 'em. I don't think that's being a snob.
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not really. Either knife will last forever if treated kindly, either one will eventually fail if abused.

We are preparing for an unknown survival situation here, where equipment abuse can't be ruled out. If I have to abuse my knife to save my life in a pinch, I'll do it.

The SRK will do ANYTHING that could possibly be expected of it.
The way I see it, a knife in the SRK's class will basically outperform the user. So if any knife is somewhat better, but at a much higher cost, it’s just a waste.

Again, that's an opinion. If you had to wedge you're SRK into a wall, and stand on it to get over the top, will it break? I feel pretty confident that my Scrap Yard SOD would survive; thus, helping me to survive.

It’s fine if you want to testify how amazing and great the A1 is, but to bash the SRK likes its some POS is absurd. It’s about who spent more, we buy bragging rights in this society.
No one's bashing the SRK. It's a personal choice.

Alot of what you are saying is true. Still, there is a better quality knife when comparing the two. Both will cut and stab, but one is built using better materials and craftsmanship. It's not about being a snob, just equipment preference.
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