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I found this information hard to locate and never did I find it with pictures of the items, so I'm putting it together here!

My Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) preparedness is not so much for SHTF, but more that I work 3rd shift and drive out of town to go to work. Driving out of town at midnight in a midwest winter can be very COLD and very LONELY. If I should happen to have a vehicle problem, I'll need to stay warm.

But, moving on. . . here is a breakdown of US Military ECWCS - Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System. Currently, there is a Gen III system being tested. It is not covered here, only the prior system for which the parts are readily available. I'm not saying these are the absolute best articles of clothing for cold weather, but they are VERY good at their intended purpose - down to negative 40*F.

First layer - moisture/wicking layer. Polypropylene underwear.

Second Layer - insulating layer. Fleece shirt and overalls.

Third Layer - insulating layer. Field coat liner/trouser liner

Fourth Layer - waterproof/windproof layer. Gortex parka and trousers. Optional suspenders.

Fifth Layer - Optional Snow Camoflauge layer. Overwhite parka/trouser/mittens

Handwear - Extreme Cold Weather Mitten Set *note different versions available. The ECW set has a removabel liner and suspension harness and has wool pile on the back for warming the face.

ECW mittens with liners:

Here you can see the suspension harness (for draping mittens around neck to allow them to dry)

Wool mitten insert with trigger finger

These gloves are not the -40* gloves

Headwear - balaclava and cap with earmuffs

Footwear - WHITE cold weather boots i.e. mickey mouse i.e. bunny boots. They come in black or white. White is rated for colder temps.

A personal note on the footwear. I find the ECW boots can be uncomfortable at times. Thes military issue Mukluks are MUCH more comfortable and I have not had any problems with them in extremem cold conditions. They are not as waterproof as the ECW boots, however.

All of this is readily available surplus, or on Ebay. I've found the overwhites can sometimes be hard to come by, but they are for camoflauge only, not elemental protection.

More information can be found at including national stock numbers for all items and sizes.

Now, if I could only stock the truck with a few Extreme Cold Weather MRE's. . . can't seem to find any. :(

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Here in the north country, my cold weather gear includes. Polyprop long-johns, wool sweater or wool shirt, levi's ', wool blend sox.
Outter wear is a pair Carhart bibs, with black lining. Carhart jacket with hood also black lined and a pair of white bunny boots.
Along with gloves, mittens and a good cap.
If it gets to 40 below I'll be inside..............Alaskan.......Dennis

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I did a lot of snowshoeing this past winter, as well as one camping trip in February (what an eye opener!).
I spent some money getting decent CW clothes, some I already had.
I bought a Canada Goose parka a couple of years ago but have only had the opportunity to wear it a few times. It's so warm that unless it's at least -20C and I'm going to be outdoors to at least an hour it's not worth the bulk. My Alpha Aviator Parka is plenty warm and non-obtrusive.

I'm fairly happy with my CW clothes, but I'm still trying to find good gloves or mittens that are "really water proof". My sheepskin mittens came in handy when camping as they didn't melt when maintaining the fire, but the soak up snow like nobody's business.
I think I'll try some of those military style white leather mitts this winter. Maybe I'll give them a silicone treatment and see how they fare.
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