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exercise post shtf

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What do you guys think about exercise after the sh** goes down? on one hand, being in physical condition can do wonders for your ability to function in a long term survival situation, but on the other hand, exercise obviously burns calories, meaning you'll need more food to sustain yourself.
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Your absolutely right. You have to maintain your endurance levels in case something does go to S***.

At my BOL we have some second hand exercise equipment. Believe it or not I actually have a bowflex up there that I found in a dumpster. Just missing a few parts, that were easily ordered off the net. Anyways back on subject.

You should have patrols going in your area that will keep you burning calories, but just remember the more calories you burn the more you will have to replace. Not an issue if you have a decent food stock.

We use wood to heat (mostly) so chopping wood is a great way to stay in shape. Is noise a concern? Then your firewood has to be cut by handsaw instead of chainsaw, and or chopped my axe. Tending to the garden also keeps you lean, depending on the chore. Are you know digging fighting positions in case things really go bad? That's a big calorie burner right there when your digging a hole five foot deep, five feet long, and three foot wide, through dirt, rocks, and or clay.

Do you have to haul in water form a nearby stream if the grid goes down? Two five gallon buckets of water, hauled over 50-100yards especially up hill can be a real a** kicker.

What I am saying is there is allot of chores you will have to accomplish if S really does hit the F. I think your cardio is going to suffer some. Its not like running three four five miles is going to be very feasible if you have to be armed most of the time. Not to mention if you have to be fighting ready. If you have to be fighting ready at all times then you don't want to totally exhaust yourself right before a firefight.

Hope this helps.
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