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exercise post shtf

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What do you guys think about exercise after the sh** goes down? on one hand, being in physical condition can do wonders for your ability to function in a long term survival situation, but on the other hand, exercise obviously burns calories, meaning you'll need more food to sustain yourself.
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I plan to work smarter not harder I think many will find they won't lose weight as fast as those who little to no food and so I think planning to continue to work out and at first staying low and out of sight will be smart.

I can see injuries that may occur that could mean you may have to exercise afterward so having books on physical therapy and such certainly can't hurt.

Get fit now but don't but consider if things start to look bad you may want to appear a little heavier then you actually are so when things make a final turn you can look like your losing as others who have nothing.

It's easier to bigger then you are but hard to look thinner then you actually are.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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