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i've seen this site before but i didn't realize it had this section on gardening guides on a wide variety of topics - each subject can be viewed online as a webpage or downloaded in PDF form....

some of the guide topics are:

Blueberries: Organic Production (26 page PDF)
Organic Culture of Bramble Fruits (20 page PDF)
Market Gardening: A Start-up Guide (20 page PDF)
Grapes: Organic Production (44 page PDF)
Organic Tomato Production
Organic Greenhouse Tomato Production
Scheduling Vegetable Plantings for Continuous Harvest
Specialty Lettuce and Greens: Organic Production
Start a Farm in the City
Sprouts and Wheatgrass Production and Marketing
Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing
Organic Tobacco Production
Biodynamic Farming & Compost Preparation
Notes on Compost Teas
Deer Control Options
Cole Crops and Other Brassicas: Organic Production
Herbs: Organic Greenhouse Production
Hops: Organic Production


Considerations in Organic Hog Production
An Illustrated Guide to Sheep and Goat Production
Growing Your Range Poultry Business: An Entrepreneur's Toolbox
Meat Chicken Breeds for Pastured Production
Pastured Poultry Budgets: Slow Growing Broiler and Organic Comparisons
Small-Scale Egg Handling
Small-Scale Poultry Processing
Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees
Baitworm Production
Worms for Composting (Vermicomposting)

looks like they have a few hundred different guides in total....
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