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i was asked to share some reviews from my site so here it is SOG Seal team elite.

The of the SOG team elite after review this product I have found it to be just as good as the old seal 2000 version if not better. The SOG Elite is a great knife with many new features that make it better then the old version. Now I don’t change my knives often when I find a blade I like I stick with it for years but I am happy to say I will be switching out my SOG 2000 for the SOG seal team elite.

The SOG Elite knives have many new features that I love over the old version. One is the great new handle shape SOG has redesigned the handle with deeper finger holds and improved grip and the diameter is smaller so it fits my small hands much better. The best thing about the new handle I think is that SOG has left the bottom of the tang exposed so you can use it as a hammer or for what I have found it good for is striking your firesteel. Many people use the edge of the blade to spark there firesteel and I have found this to dull your blade and just makes it so you need to sharpen it that much sooner. But because of this tang part of the handle you can use it to strike your fire steel and save your blade for other work and I really love this!

Now for the blade SOG has made many changes to the blade of the seal knife but kept all the things that made the old knife great. With many new features like the base of the blade where the handle meets the blade they have rounded the both the spine and the base of the blade to allow for better hold when you are cutting and choke up on the blade. Now for the shape of the blade this is new and I must say it looks a lot like them swords for that Spartan movie which look really cool.

The coating on the blade is like all the new SOG knives and is a great improvement over the old coating this one will not rub off as easy and will hold up quite well to use. On the spine of the blade they have added a rippled like design that make holding the base of the blade much gripper and near the tip of the blade this rippling can be used to cut notches in wood when needed.

Now for the sheath that comes with the SOG team elite its nylon and I must say is nothing short of fantastic. The sheath is nylon with a kydex insert to keep the blade form cutting threw the sheath. There is a pocket at the front of the sheath that can be used for survival items or for like I use it for is my SOG EOD tool. At both the top and bottom of the sheath there are two heavy duty grommets that you can thread paracord threw for mounting but the mounting options don’t stop there. SOG has incorporated a full MOLLE style system on the back of the sheath that makes the mounting options for this knife just about endless. Bottom line is this is by far the best sheath I have seen that comes shipped from a company with a knife. I could see you paying around 50 buck of a sheath like this easily! The only thing I wish this sheath had which I see the new nylon sheaths from SOG have is the snap over the Velcro handle holder and I much prefer the snap. Velcro tends to be noisy and snaps are just better.

There are a lot more photos and a small video on our site so feel free to check it out hope you like it!
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