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13 aircraft disappeared from European control systems recently.

"An air-safety investigation has been launched after 13 planes flying over Europe disappeared from radar screens in two "unprecedented" blackouts, leading to reports stating air traffic control systems had been hacked.
The aircraft went missing from screens across the region in early June, leaving air traffic controllers with no information about their position, direction and height – instead relying on voice communication alone."

here's hoping Beavis & Butthead don't find a hack-an-air-traffic-control system program and think it's a game...

ah, this is in the article

"At first a Nato electronic warfare exercise in Hungary was suspected as the cause of interference as it coincided.
The exercise, apparently, used devices designed to interfere with enemy radar and there were suspicions it may have affected civilian flights.
But Hungary's defence ministry denied any Nato involvement, saying the technology used was weak and had a range of only 4,000 metres – a height well below the altitude of the aircraft.
Deepening the mystery is the fact that the second incident occurred after the exercises had finished."

translation; the NATO exercise blanked their radar (worked better than thought, or failure to limit power) and they snuck a follow-up later to take the heat off. or am I being paranoid?

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The one plane we dont want to find...

... When are we going to see the final flight of that famously "dissapeared" and "Definitely not weaponized" Malaysian airliner?
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