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Eureka Solitaire AL - New For 2019

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The Eureka Solitaire AL is hitting the shelves in 2019, and I am lucky to have got one of the first.

Eureka tents finally gave the Solitaire some updates with the AL - which stands for aluminum poles.

From appearance, it seems the AL is slightly taller than the original. However, I will not know for sure until I do a side by side comparison.

Green color is a little brighter than I had hoped for.

Eureka Solitaire AL tent poles are curved, which makes set up and take down easier than with the old style straight poles.

First impressions are good. reminds me a lot of the original Eureka Solitaire.

Next time we get some rain I will set both tents up side by side. Then we can do a side by side video and a weather test all in one.

I called the company and asked why the Eureka Solitaire is yellow. The nice lady told me the tent is a rescue tent. It is for people to carry in case they get trapped, lost... etc. I suggested they make an OD green color Eureka Solitaire AL. Something that does not stand out very much.

When I am camping I do not want a bright colored tent broadcasting where I am at. The lady understood that people go camping and may want to be left alone.
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Is that the Eureka TCOP 1-man? Love the woodland pattern fly.

kev: I'm glad to see the Solitaire finally offered in a color other than "Here I Am" yellow. I'm sure the alloy poles are a big improvement as well. Good deal.
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