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Just for fun :D:

I did this quick just to see for myself about what it would take for one person a day for approximately 2000 calories for the most common items that I know many people will stock up on. I know that I won't be eating just ONE thing per day, and that things will be spread out throughout the day to help maximize the intake of 2000 calories/day. I just thought it was interesting just to see how many of each ONE person would have to eat just to reach their daily calories :D:

Again, all food would be spanned out per day, but still interesting to see the numbers!!! :eek:

Name of Food --- What you would eat per day!

Canned Peaches 12.5 Cups
Canned Pears 13.5 Cups
Canned Pineapple 18.5 Cups
Fruit Cocktail 13.5 Cups

Chicken Of The Sea Tuna (water) 40ozs
Starkist Tuna in water 40ozs
Hormel spam 11ozs
Original Spam 11ozs
Chili with Beans 6.5 Cups
Chili - Turkey with Beans 9.5 Cups
Canned Chicken*(Swanson White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast In Water 98% Fat Free) 16.5ozs

Hostess Twinkies 13.5 Cakes
Hostess Twinkies with Banana 12.5 Cakes
Generic Fried Twinkies 5 Cakes

Chicken Noodle Soup Original 33.5 Cups
Chicken Noodle Soup (Chunky) 11.5 Cups
Cream Of Mushroom 9.5 Cups
Bean And Bacon 5 Cups
Cream Of Chicken 9.5 Cups
Tomato Soup With Added 1 Can Water 22.5 Cups
Cream Of Celery 11 Cups
Clam Chowder 15 Cups
Vegitable 31 Cups
Cream Of Tomato 17 Cups
Chicken Broth 25.5 Cups
Chicken Vegitable 12 Cups
Cream Of Asparagus 11.5 Cups
Chicken With Dumplings 10 Cups
Vegetable Beef 12.5 Cups
Vegetable With Beef Broth 12.5 Cups

Mini Ravioli In Meat Sauce 9 Cups
Chunk Chicken Breast 33.5ozs
Breast Of Chicken 33.5ozs
Beef Ravioli In Tom Sauce 9 Cups
Treet 20ozs
Canned Turkey With Broth 9 Cups
Cheese Ravioli In Tomato & Meat Sauce 4.5 Cans
Beef Ravioli In Tomato & Meat Sauce 9 Cans
Spaghetti O's With Meatballs*(Campbell's) 8.5 Cups
Spaghetti and Meatballs*(Generic) 8 Cups
Spaghetti & Meatballs 14.5 oz Can*(Chef Boyardee) 8 Cups
Spaghetti and Meatballs In Tomato Sauce*(Chef Boyardee) 5 Cans
Chili - Turkey With Beans - 98% Fat Free*(Hormel) 9.5 Cups
Chili No Beans*(Hormel) 9 Cups
Beef Ravioli*(Chef Boyardee) 9 Cups
Corned Beef Hash -*(Hormel) 5 Cups
Corned Beef Hash*(Corned Beef Hash - Armour) 4 Cups
Corned Beef Hash*(Libby's) 5 Cups
Sloppy Joe Sauce W / Ground Beef*(Hunt's Manwich 4 Cups
Vienna Sausage*(Armour) 18 Links
Beanee Weenee*(Van Camps) 8.5 Cans
Beanee Weenee Baked*(Van Camp's) 7 Cans
Beanee Weenee (Smoked Hickory) 7.75oz Can*(Van Camp's) 6.5 Cans
Pinto Beans 8 Cups
Lima Beans 9.5 Cups
White Rice (Long Grain) 10 Cups
Brown Rice (Long Grain) 9.5 Cups
White Rice*(Raw) 4 Cups
Canned Pink Salmon*(Chicken of the Sea) 8.5 Cups

Instant Nonfat Dry Milk Powder 3.5 Cups
All Purpose Flour 5lb Bag 4.5 Cups
Sunflower Seeds, Raw, Hulled*(Seeds) 43.5 TBS
Sunflower Seeds-Shelled 1/4 Cup*(Sunflower Seeds) 3 Cups
Creamy Peanut Butter (40 oz)*(Jif) 10.5 TBS

Although I could eat 10 and a half tablespoons of peanut butter a day LOL!!!

I'll stay away from 8 cups of beans LOL! Matter of fact...everyone else will 2 :D:
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