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End of May 2008 Report​

First: I want to thank very single member with a paid VIP membership, it is through your support that this site stays online.

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Total post for May 2008: - 30,000
Thats right, we had exactly thirty thousand post for the entire month - wow. For comparison, in April we had 23,487 total post. We had a 6,513 post increase in May, as compared to the previous month.

New Threads: - 2251
This is up from 1959 in April. We only had an increase 292 new threads, as compared to the previous month. I would like to see more unique threads started.

New Members:
- 609
In April, we got 560 new members. So this is a 49 new member increase as compared to the month before. Its not a big jump, but at least we are still in the positive numbers.

The original picture gallery we had was closed. And this gallery put up in its place - Picture galleries for basic members has been disabled.

In May we set several records for members visiting every 24 hours. Some time during the month we broke 600+ members visiting every 24 hours. But those records continue to be broken.

Amazon Ads - above some of the forum sections, in the announcements area there are some threads. Inside the announcements are amazon ads. This is about the extent that advertisements will be put on the site.

Classifieds Section - I am a little disappointed on how little the classifieds section is being used. I was really hoping that some GI surplus stores would jump in and list their gear, but that has happened on a limited basis. I you know of anyone that owns a gun store, or a GI surplus store, invite them here.

I just want to thank all of the members for being a part of this community.

Thank you.
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