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End of June 2008 Report

First: I want to thank ever VIP / Premium member. It is through your continued support that this site stays banner free.

Not a VIP member? Click here to get your membership -

Total post for June 2008: - 31,570
The posting bot accounts for about 500 of those. That means we got about 1,000 more post in June then in May.

New Threads: - 2836
We had an increase of about 200 new threads over May 2008.

New Members: - 642
In May, we got 609 new members. So this is a 33 new member increase as compared to the month before.

The newest version of the forum software was installed this past weekend. So we are up to date on al of the security patches

In June 18th we set a record for members visiting every 24 hours, which was 689. This is an absolutely amazing number.

Classifieds Section - Please tell any vendors you know that we have a free classifieds section. Also, if any of the members here are looking for gear, take a look at the vendors that visit this site.
And RONSERESURPLUS - but I could not find his home page.

The one thing this community needs is more inbound links. If you are part of any other websites, or own a blog, please post a link back to this site.

The top poster of the month is Straight Razor -

I just want to say "Thank You" to all of the members for being a part of this community.
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