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End of July 2008 Report

First and foremost: I want to thank ever VIP / Premium member. It is through your continued support that this site stays not only open, but also banner free.

Not a VIP member? Click here to get your membership -


-----> Important <-----

Some members that mailed in payments for their VIP membership were put into one billing system. A few months ago we moved over to another system. Subscription renewals were lost in the migration. If you mailed in a payment and if get a reminder email that your subscription is about to expire, and you know that your membership should have been longer - Contact me and we will get the matter resolved.

Example: January of 2008 someone mailed in a one year membership, and get a reminder email in September that your subscription will expire soon. Its no big deal, contact me and we will get it fixed. Once we get over this little hump, everything is going to be ok.


Total post for July 2008: 33,254
The actual post was more then that, but the post from the newsfeed bot was subtracted from the grand total. We had an increase of around 1,684 post as compared to June.

New Threads: 3685

New Members: 676

On July 30th we set a new record for the most members visiting ever 24 hours - 720.

During July the number of active member (visiting every 30 days) broke the 1,900 mark.

Classifieds Section - Tell any vendors you know that we have a free classifieds section. Also, if any of the members here are looking for gear, take a look at the vendors that visit this site.
And RONSERESURPLUS - but I could not find his home page.

The one thing this community needs is more inbound links. If you are part of any other websites, or own a blog, please post a link back to this site.

The top poster of the month is Straight Razor with a total of 939 post over the past 28 days.

See this link for the top posters -

Forum redesign - Some forum sections have been merged. All of the post and threads are still here. Some sections were not getting enough traffic to justify having them. A couple of the sections have been open for a few months and had 10 post. The pistol section has been open for well over a year and only had 300 some odd threads.

The total number of threads per page has been increased from 20 to 30.

Merchants account has been opened: If you have an online store or a store front, contact me about a merchant account. Resellers can have their own forum in the commercial section, which has been moved to the middle of the main forum home page.

I just want to say "Thank You" to all of the members for being part of this community.

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