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End of April 2008 Report​

First - I want to thank all of the VIP members. Their financial support makes this website possible.

Second - I want to thank all of the members that visit this site daily.

Total Post:
February ----- 15542
March -------- 21930
April --------- 22502

New Members:

February ---- 580
March ------ 518
April -------- 545

We are now running the latest version of the forum software. This means we are on the cutting edge of any technology curve.

The last 2 winners for this month are:
GQtim and Jerry D Young

The prize is a Maglight AA flashlight.

In April we broke 1,000,000 page views world wide a month.
Around 300,000 page views weekly.
Over 22,000 unique IP addresses monthly.

Bratach Bhan Chlann Aoidh
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"In April we broke 1,000,000 page views world wide a month."

Just shows a) What a good site you have and
B) How many worried folk there are.

Well done Kev and good on ya 'boardies' :)

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Wow, the message is getting out .I thinmost many of us are so grateful for the pages we can view in different countries across our world.
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