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I've had a problem with caterpillars lately. I've solved the problem with some pesticide I got from the store. I know that in a SHTF situation grocery stores probably won't be available. This is a problem I need to take more seriously!
Lets say that the stores are gone and there's no way to buy pesticides.

What is the best way to stop pests in the garden and in the house when we lose modern conveniences?

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It is quite possible to garden without the use of pesticides.

Some proactive measures:

Tilling before sowing/transplanting raises/awakens eggs/bugs laying dormant just under the soil...fowling their plans to wake up later and wreak havoc.

Raised beds for gopher prone areas.

Using row cover to eliminate attacks on cabbage. lettuce, broccoli, etc.

Using drip irrigation to keep leaves dry, reducing insect invitation.

Planting deterrent crops

Planting attractant crops for beneficial insects

Installing a bird bath in the grow space...birds love bugs.

Plus hundreds more...

Once they are here:
Oils (mineral, cotton seed, veggie,fish)
Natural based soaps
Diatomaceous Earth

And lots more.

I farm over ten acres of veggies... multiple crop effort.
I haven't used any pesticides and still produce fast healthy harvests year after year... for over twenty years.
It is very possible to farm without chemical pesticides.
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