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It's difficult finding info on what you can and can't eat in Aus how ever you can manage to find out info with thorough searching. There are quite a few natives and exotic flora species that you can down I will list a few, lets grow this list:

South African Box thorn - Red fruit
Dandelion - Roots as a tea

Native Cherry - red fruit
Leptospermum - Sorry for the genus, but the seed of this grass/bush you can make damper out of.
Yarra - Roots (a lot of treating is required).
Bracken fern - Juvenile stems, boil it. Tastes like asparagus don't consume too much can cause cancer.

Bracken fern - The juvenile plant you can use the sap from its stem on insect bites.
'Cunzia' - Sorry for the genus, you crush the leaves and use on insect bites much stronger than bracken fern.

A few basic ones to start off with, next post I will crack open a book I have.
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