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Ok dove hunters, we all know that it takes 150 of these little breasts to make a meal, but here is a great recipe I have used for years.

Take the breast, and cut down both sides of the middle of the breast bone. Place a slice of jalapeno pepper, fresh or pickled (I prefer fresh with no seeds), in each side of the breast. Wrap the dove breast in a piece of thick cut smoky bacon, and hold together with a toothpick. I usually do about 12-24 of these at a time, depends on the crowd I am cooking for.

Get a charcoal grill ready, and let it ash over until coals are med temp. Cook the birds over med heat until bacon is crisp. I sometimes will brush on a white BBQ sauce that I make from mayonnaise. This is a great sauce for birds. I will post that sauce at a later date, or you may already have one. If not, look up Alabama White BBQ sauce, that is it.

Grill birds until bacon is crisp and serve with wild grain & brown rice. You friends will love you.
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