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Double Review: Maglight "SOLITARE" and "Value Tools" Folding Knife

Here's a couple of reviews of a Maglight and "El-Cheapo" folding knife which I purchased at

I'll start off with the knife. (Pictures in my picture gallery for both knife and flashlight. Please refer to them. Also, poor quality pics since I took them with my phone's cam.)

This knife is a 440 stainless steel knife "El-Cheapo." The actual handle is rubber with an aluminum and steel handle. The locking mechanism on the knife is quite poor. I have to wiggle the actual blade a few times for it to lock properly. But at a 10$ price tag, I can't really expect too much. (Bought it to abuse and to throw away.) Plus, it comes with a little handy pouch which could be used for another knife.

The blade itself was quite sharp, but after slicing through some cardboard and thin leather, it quickly wore out it's edge. The knife itself is quite comfortable to grip. It sits firmly in the hand and the rubber helps keep it from sliding. But in wet conditions, the rubber becomes slippery!

In all I give it a 2 out of 10. I'd stay clear as there are many other 10$ knives out there that'll give you more bang for your buck.


Next up is the Maglight "SOLITARE" I already own a Gerber Task Light, but the LED is red. I needed a white light flashlight that'll fit in tight spaces. The Maglight "SOLITARE" fits the bill quite nicely.

The flashlight cost me 10$ and it looks to be of solid build quality. I've owned a few maglights before, so I know they usually live up to hard abuse.
What I like about this light is how small it is. It's a little thicker then a regular No.2 pencil and a little under half the length of one. The light itself can be focused into either a flood style light, or a tight spot light. It's not awfully bright, but that's ok as this is more or less a "rummaging through my backpack" light or "Where did I place my key's?" flash light. It came with a key ring and some sort of nylon which broke shortly after I attached it to the maglight.

I haven't really tested it out, but I did drop it from four feet and it survived with minimal scratches.

I'll give it a 6 out of 10. It's small, handy and gives you enough light to find what your looking for. Plus for 10$ it's a good little deal.

Hope you liked my review, check out my gallery for pictures. (Sorry about the quality!)

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