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Do you play a musical instrument?

  • Yes, guitar

    Votes: 89 54.6%
  • Yes, bass

    Votes: 37 22.7%
  • Yes, drums

    Votes: 25 15.3%
  • Yes, piano

    Votes: 33 20.2%
  • Yes, harp/harmonica

    Votes: 14 8.6%
  • Yes, violin/fiddle

    Votes: 13 8.0%
  • Yes, horns

    Votes: 22 13.5%
  • Yes, banjo

    Votes: 8 4.9%
  • No, but always wanted to learn

    Votes: 15 9.2%
  • No, music sucks

    Votes: 4 2.5%
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Simmer down now
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Anyone here play? Music has always been a major part of my life. I've done the bar band thing, the studio thing and now I just jam with friends or play for my wife and kids. I play drums, bass and guitar with my focus on the guitar.

I've got a feeling there's some other rockers in the house.

Before you ask why I didn't include this instrument or that one, there's only 10 spaces in the poll.

Sam Adams was right....
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Home Studio.

Some vintage amps and guitars..

Mac G5
Logic Pro
and LOADS of software....
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old hand
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I made a pretty good living from 1984 - 1993 playing bars, ballrooms, street dances, wedding dances, school/college functions.

2 1/2 years of that (around 1990) was a pretty good run in a heavy metal hair band.
We played 5 states, 3-4 gigs per week, all one-nighters ... same show every night.

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I used to have a sidwalk show with my 3 legged dog and my fiddle, he would sing and I would play.

Tripod was his name. the dog not the fiddle.
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1 - 20 of 78 Posts
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