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Page Rank 2 is pretty easy to get. Google Page Rank is simply a matter of getting links to your pages and the quality of the pages that link to your pages.

If you get a page with a Page Rank of 3, without many other links on this page, it will likely give your page a Page Rank of 2 all by itself.

However, Page Rank is only one of many criteria that Google considers when it ranks pages in the search results. And Page Rank has NOTHING to do with how much anyone will pay you. The exception is, other webmasters that want links from pages with good Page Rank will pay, but Google frowns on this.

If you want to increase your Page Rank, you'll need to get more links to your pages, the higher quality the better.

I suggest you reconsider not having Google Adsense on your pages, as it's a pretty easy revenue stream. Combine it with Amazon, eBay, etc. But you won't get a major sponsor unless you get lots and lots of traffic.

You can also try They may handle Lowes or Home Depot? But they won't pay you just for running ads on your site...You'll need to make sales and you'll be paid a commision of the selling price.

PS...You can buy expired or existing domain names with a Page Rank 2 for $50 and up...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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