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DiY Stove

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I've made something very similar to this before and it actually works quite well. Just thought I'd toss it out there for those putting together a BoB on a shoe string budget....or just general info.

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I was making the soda can one at work but sadly I only had two cans of soda and goofed on one of the ends :-( Ill have to do it in the morning.
the orifice seems to be importain to get right, the thumb tack didnt work very well. So I enlarger the holes and got a 15" yellow flame that looked really pretty but wasn't what I was after.
I made 16 holes, going to try 12 next time. just gotta tweek it a bit.
Odd I made it exactly the way it was done in the video and I couldnt be any happier. I put my burner holes rights to the metal lip and after testing bent the holes towards the center. I notice mine only like to be started one way to burn efficiently and long span of time by puting an 1oz of fuel in side it, put the penny back over the hole, and then fill up the little bowl till it spills slightly onto the burner jets then light. This lasts me about 12-13 min. Oh and I too have 16 wholes on the burner. From what it sounds like to me is that your holes are to big. Was is heated up enough to vaporize and run the jets???
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Might have been a fuel issue, I tried a mix of 50/50 Coleman fuel and 97% isopropyl. After the isopropyl didnt light.Will try again tomorrow. And use HEET. Really thought the alcohol would work.
hmm shocked the 97% didnt work either. So far I have used heet(yellow) and everclear(offname brand) 95% both burned nicely. The everclear was the better of the two.

Any of you try wood gas yet, I have just built both of these designs but no serious testing yet. I am curious of the cloth version performs differently since you wont get the level of gassifaction like in the common version.

the first one doesnt use an internal soup can

This one is the common design to date.

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Well I realized I prefer the bushbuddy with the can inside for the double wall for gasification rather than the one with the cloth for the chamber. I did notice one very interesting thing. I decided to burn out the lining of my stove by using my penny stove instead of wood. Well it go so incredibly hot in there with that alcohol stove the penny softened and molded to the dish of the alcohol stove. I did it again with out the now useless penny to cook a pot of soup and ill just say it was pipping hot in under 3 min...pointless but lasted a surprisingly longer than I thought for its heat out put.

Whats the experiences you guys have with the different penny stoves and alcohol stoves? Primarily penny vs the double walled open chimney style can stoves vs the aluminum bottle style.
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