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If diversity is our greatest strength as the smiling liberal fellows tell us, then lack of diversity has to be why Bangladesh (among other countries) is weak. We could fix this problem for them by sharing some of our diversity with them: sharing those here illegally would solve our problem and theirs both; it'd be a win win.

No liberal can argue with this because all liberals are required to have absolute faith in liberal dogma, especially race dogma, and the concept stated by the slogan diversity is our greatest strength is fundamental to liberal race dogma. Anyone who does not believe this dogma with all of his heart is a thought criminal and must be excommunicated.

Diversity dogma is such a required belief that even political leaders who claim not to be liberal recite the diversity slogan and pay homage to the concept. Very few dare to challenge the ultimate truth in it, and those that do are labelled white nationalists and are subject to immediate excommunication, often including righteous hate campaigns waged against them. In time the coming red flag laws will add further consequences to this thoughtcrime.

The UN and the respective nations involved could facilitate the diversity transfers, with those transferred receiving a free boat ride and some funds to get settled in to their new homeland (paid for by the smiling liberals at the UN, or more likely American taxpayers). A corresponding number of Bangladeshis could then be sent to Central American countries to make them more diverse, and therefore stronger and more prosperous.

Since we are required by the official state religion to believe that diversity is the main source of great strength in the world, we must also believe that giving the gift of diversity to relatively weak nations should be all it takes to turn them into strong and prosperous nations; this means we must believe that all who take part in the transfers will ultimately be living in a much better place than they are living in now.

And that place will be infinitely better than living in America, where we are told all nonwhite people are oppressed by the evil white man. Based on common usage, diversity means fewer white people. So those illegally in America moving from the land of the white demon to a nation like Bangladesh would be going from less diversity to more diversity, and that means going from terrible oppression to a relative utopia.

For this reason no right-thinking person will have to be coerced into doing it; they will stand in line for the opportunity. Any who don't are proven thought criminals, and we don't want them here anyway. It is official dogma that those here illegally came here because they want to work, but they are oppressed by the white demon and so are still poor, so who among them would not want to go to a place where they can work and not suffer under the bondage of white privilege, where they can create a brave new world?

Caring liberal fellows like Colin Kaepernick could go too, and in so doing encourage others to follow. Then he would find himself in a great nation worthy of his praise, instead of the terrible cesspool of oppression he is in now. This would be a huge win for him and his patron Nike, because it would show that he is no longer the hypocrite he is now. I might even buy a pair of Nike shoes myself.

This program can not help but be massively successful (assuming liberal diversity dogma is true). So it could be expanded to include all the fake refugees streaming north from central America. Even Europe might find a better place for its flood of Islamic refugees. In time the whole world would have diversity, and therefore be strong and prosperous and great. There would be no more hunger or poverty or war and we would all join hands and sing songs of peace and joy. Who could possibly be against this?

We must ask ourselves why America is being selfish and hogging all the strength-producing diversity. By doing this we are continuing the exploitation of the third world by the white demon: once we learned the source of our great strength, we had a moral duty to share that source.

We give them money pretending we're trying to help them but we do not give them what our official state religion requires us to believe is the true source of our great strength. Joe Biden should have bribed the Ukrainian government with diversity instead of money.

This is as terrible a crime as any moral outrage the evil white man has ever committed. To paraphrase the high prophet of liberalism Barrack Obama, we should spread it around a little. It is unfair for us to be so selfish with this source of great strength.

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AMEN, well stated.. :thumb: And, with all-such shipments of 'diversity transfers', we Cannot forget to send ALL the virtue-signalling hypocritical fakes, the 'Celebrities', that wax on about 'teh Refugeeez', etc.. But then..

..Have gated / hardcore fenced-in properties that - No one - let alone such 'Refugees' (...Illegal Aliens, period..) can come within hundred of feet-of, or.. ya know - They'll send thier.. wait for it... ARMED SECURITY to 'deal with'... :rolleyes: so-hard my eyeballs should be stuck in the back of my head by now..

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