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Man that was awesome, it is currently 3:16am here.
My ears are ringing, I'm tired from driving and on a buzz!

We left at 3pm, picked up my friend Livvy from Hamilton, and headed for Auckland and arrived with perfect timing to get in line for the 7:15pm start.

Alterbridge didn't really fire up the crowd and P.O.D started them.
But Disturbed, boy do those guys know how to put on a show.

The lead singer came onto stage on a gurney in a straight jacket and hannibal mask. :eek:
Me and Livvy were right up front, in the mosh pit where it was craziest. :D:
Totally awesome, those guys played for over an hour and a half! :thumb:

Adn to top the night off, I got a drum stick, although I had to fend off about 4 other guys for it, the rugby skills came in handy there.
Livvy with the drum stick:

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Yessir! Have seen them live 3 times. In my opinion they are one of the bands that sounds better live than recorded.

Congrats on the drumstick.
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