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Did you see this CNBC article?

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Downturn Spurs 'Survival Panic' for Some in the US

They're not talking about real survivalism - just the instinct to panic when confronted with change.

But still and interesting article.
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yeah i saw that. seems that the sheeple are already starting to lose it.
Damn headless chickens! Scientists have proven that shopping releases endorphins. The problem is that many of these folks aren't buying items to prepare for bad times, they are buying "junkies" and are afraid of missing the rush when they no longer can buy what they want (not need).
You think thats bad, read on for the Pollyanna predictions for 2009. Where do they find these gaggle of idiots?
That about tells all about my shopping today.
Lets see, 2-10lb. boxes of powdered milk, 5 L. of honey thats on sale and oh ya a head of letuce. .. Just can't get out of this spending habit....LOL
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