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after much experimentation and trail and error i’ve come up with my own brand of mre’s
or rather MRP (meals ready to prepare)

all meals in my new system require a food thermos *i carry two as i’m experimenting *

my system uses ziploc vacuum sealing bags and has enough food to last 1 day, this includes a light breakfast, a moderate lunch and a slightly heavy dinner. and a little something to munch on as a snack. all menu items need only direct heat and or hot to boiling water to be eaten.

so here is the first complete menu for my system (this is after several failed and foul tasting attempts)
items added along with this are 3 sheets of papertowels

1 package of quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal mix
3 honey sticks
1 package of idahoan butter and herb mashed potatoes
2 tea bags of dark irish tea

lunch 1 packet of bumblebee prime fillet albacore steak *lemon and cracked pepper
1 ziplock vacuumed sealed bag of mixed grains
(quinoa, pearl barley, 1 traders joes mixed grains bag)
2 propel zero berry

trail snack
1 mini box of sunmaid raisins
1 clif bar chocolate chip

1 packet of uncle bens boil in bag white rice *most other non prepared rice took long to fully cook or non enough latent heat to get cooked right i’ll contintue to experiment * (i use my second mini 16 ounce thermos to cook the rice at the same time)
1 packet of lipton cup a soup chicken noodle
1 packet of lipton cup a soup cream of chicken
1 packet of sapporo ichiban japanese style noodles and orginal flavored soup *the best i’ve tasted so far*
1 pouch of valley fresh 100% natural white chicken cuts *i’ve experimented with three different types this is the best one so far, the date is ok about a year*
1 package of bear creek country kitchen chicken noodle soup *makes 1 quart
2 chicken bullion cubes

why so many different types of soup mixes? well it’s designed to be used in water rationing situations so if your low on water use the 2 lipton packets or when you have a lot use the bear creek and 1 or both liptons to add for taste.

for each different recipe mrp i’ve eaten it three times and documented how each one affected me afterwords

each of these MRP are made with items that are easy to find in stores and can use very little water or a lot of water dependant on what you have available
using a food thermos makes this possible as you can keep an item hot for up to 8 hours so you can slow cook something or rapidly cook something dependent on what you want.

each menu item will ONLY use 1 large vacuum bag, it has a full days worth of food and can be mixed or matched with what you have. i’ll continue with more recipes.

as for what to eat all this scrumptious stuff in? i use two red squishy bowls, 1 us military mess kit 1 metal spork and knife combo along with my cook set

i’ll only post items that have been thoroughly tested.
i made this item for the survivalist who knows that a person marches better on a full stomach and that a persons moral is part of his survival kit.
this stuff is as homemade as someone can get in the bush.
i hope you like it and try it out.

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Have you added up the total calories for a day's meal?

Looks fairly tasty to me.

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I don't recall ever seeing the Sapporo Ichiban Japanese soup mix; will take a closer look in store this week. I'm sure there are any number of soup mixes / store brands.
I like this concept. water is heavy to carry. other than that soup looks like everything else is pretty findable.

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Do you like your heart? That looks like a lot of salt.
no, I don't see this as a long-term option, more camping or emergencies.
raisins are good for you though!
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