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Details on "New Way Forward Act": virtual elimination of immigration law enforcement

  • H.R. 5383, the "New Way Forward Act", which has 44 cosponsors, would effectively eviscerate immigration enforcement at the border and in the interior of the United States.
  • It would all but eliminate detention for immigration purposes, and impose new burdens on our already overtaxed immigration courts.
  • It would place onerous restrictions on ICE officers and Border Patrol agents in making immigration arrests — including in desolate areas of the border in the middle of the night.
  • It would require those officers and agents to justify every arrest of an alien without a warrant before an immigration judge, straining to the point of elimination DHS's limited immigration-enforcement resources.
  • It would create a "statute of limitations" of five years for the commencement of removal proceedings based on even the most serious criminal offenses.
  • It would limit the criminal grounds of removal so significantly that only the most extreme offenses would render criminal aliens removable, and would also expand the relief available to the few aliens who would still be removable on criminal grounds.

Every single Democrat in Congress who votes for this is openly and completely hostile to the enforcement of existing immigration laws in this country; if this ever becomes law under a Democrat President, AMERICAN BORDERS WILL ESSENTIALLY CEASE TO EXIST.

No matter what disappointments or setbacks we have faced under President Trump re: immigration, he's done some things right; if we're fortunate, SCOTUS will scuttle DACA once and for all, the wall will be built, and we're fortunate that illegal border crossings are down. Trump loses and whatever modest gains our side has had since 11/8/2016 will be flushed down the toilet.

Show this to your family and friends. This is what the Democratic Party has become: from once fighting for working-class Americans it has become radicalized as the party of pro-illegal alien activists (and election robbers: they will cornhole Bernie Sanders again, as they did in 2016).
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