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Deer Blind??

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I just can't spend the money for the pop up deer blinds that they sell at places like Cabelas' To me, they are way overpriced.
I was wondering if anyone has any cheap ideas of a home made deer blind? I've been think of getting a camo net or tarp and string it between two trees or posts and hid behind that.
What do you think?
Thanks in advance,
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I'll try to describe my semi-permanent blind as best as I can.

I set up an 8 foot ring (minus a gap for an entrance) of 6 foot fence stakes around a smallish tree about 4 inches thick. I sawed the tree off at 8 feet. I put 4 foot high welded wire fencing around the fence stakes, and weaved/jammed branches and tall grass and such into the fencing. I then put a round brown tarp (made from a square brown tarp) over the top, tying the edge to the top of the fence stakes that stick up 2' above the wall. then I toss a camo net over the top of the roof. It gives me a 360 degree field of view, shelter from the wind, rain, and snow, enough room for a couple people, a cooler, or whatever inside.

When I leave for the season, I take the easily portable roof with me and scatter some of the brush back out into the woods so I can put fresh in next season, leaving the fencing behind. Its rusted now, and takes a good eye and previous knowledge to spot it.

Another idea is the route my gramps went. He built a 5 foot by 8 foot blind from old barn lumber, painted it camo, and screwed some big branches to it. For the roof he uses an old pickup truck topper. He's got a little homemade wood stove and stuff in it, and each year he just sticks some fresh brush around it to hide it a little better.

granted, mine is a little more portable I guess, but both are fairly permanent solutions.
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