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Hi Bunkies,

I was searching through some old paperwork and found this amongst my old Y2K stuff. I think it's still pretty current for today's situation. Lemme know what you think:

Declaration of Self-Responsibility

I, -------------------------------------------------------, being an adult of reasonably sound mind and body, do hereby state that I am aware of the voluminous information now available of the "Current World Economic Condition" to have made a decision as it it's probable outcome. Having studied said information, and having concluded that there is little or no possibility of serious disruption to any facet of our current societal structure, I do solemnly swear and agree to the following:

In the event that future events prove my present decisions to be flawed, incomplete, or in error, I do hereby agree and promise that I, as well as any dependent family members, will wait quietly and calmly in my current place of residence for the assistance of federal or state authorities, or until such time as it becomes feasible and possible for a semblance of normal societal order to be restored to my town or city.

Furthermore, I, as well as any dependent family members, do hereby agree that I am completely and totally responsible for any and all action, or lack of action, that I have endeavored to take on my behalf or on the behalf of my dependent family members.

If, as a direct or indirect result of such action, or inaction, I or any dependent family members should come to be placed in physical, emotional, or psychological jeopardy as a result of future events, I agree not to place blame, castigate, or otherwise induce others to endeavor to assist myself or my dependent family members in any way, shape or form, including coercion through threats of physical or psychological harm. Furthermore, I will make no attempt, either by threat, force of will, or coercion by guilt to expropriate supplies or assistance from any person or group of persons who had previously prepared or had advised me to prepare.

I accept this responsibility knowing and understanding that it is possible that my knowledge, reasoning processes, and prescient skills may be in error. Finally, I accept this responsibility knowing that it is possible that I and any dependent family members may be required to sacrifice their physical, emotional or mental well-being, up to and including the possibility of actual death.

Sworn on this day of our Lord ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Signed -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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