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I recently purchased a DDM4 and have had nothing but problems. Unfortunately no gun stores in my area carry DD rifles and therefore I had to purchase my rifle online (I do not like buying stuff online because you can not check it out first to make sure it does not have any problems). Before I decided to make a DD rifle purchase I performed some research online to see what other people were saying; I couldn’t find anything that was negative, so I went ahead with the purchase. Also, when I made my purchase, I made sure that my DDM4 had a cold hammer forged barrel because some of the earlier DDM4’s that have cut barrels are still in circulation (this little bit of information will fit into the story later).
Upon receiving the rifle I noticed that the stock was horribly canted and was no where near center, also the front sight base was canted to the point that I had to move my rear sight aperture all the way to the left, and to be able to get it to shoot accurately I would have needed more room. Whoever put my rifle together must have been cross eyed because nothing lined up. The other problem I had with my rifle was that I could not put the rifle into safe mode with the carry-assembly to the rear. The safety-selector would not move into safe. So I called DD and talked to Larry in customer service, I told him all of my dilemmas and he told me that he would send me a shipping label so that I could send my rifle in for repair. He also assured me that he would go over it with a white glove and there would not be anything wrong with it when it was returned. He told me that they would have to place a new barrel on the weapon to make sure that the alignment was more accurate. He also told me that there was a bad batch of lowers (he thought maybe a hundred manufactured had problems) that had the tolerances off, and that was why the safety-selector switch did not work properly. I guess I got one of the bad ones.
The rifle took 2 weeks to get back to me. Upon inspection of my returned and supposedly fixed rifle, I noticed that the front sight base had accumulated a little surface rust (not kidding). Upon closer inspection, I realized that the supposed new barrel I was promised was a cut barrel and not a new cold hammer forged barrel. (A little history for you, when DD first started making rifles they used cut barrels made from 4150 stock steel. Around July of 2009 they moved over to cold hammer forged barrels and since then have never used cut barrels. This explains why there was rust on the barrel because it had been sitting in a ware house for over 7 months. You can tell the difference between a cut barrel and a cold hammer forged barrel by its markings. A cut barrel will say DD 4150 MD, and a cold hammer forged barrel will only say 5.56 1/7 with a date stamp of when the barrel was made.) I immediately called DD and talked with John Holland in returns, and I told him what had happened, he could not believe it. He told me to hold on for a few minutes and upon retuning he had Larry on the phone. They both confirmed that the barrel was defiantly not a cold hammer forged barrel and told me that they would over night it to fix the problem fast. Larry told me that he had a trainee working on my gun, and he said that the trainee put it on by mistake when he wasn’t looking. I feel like they did it on purpose, thinking I wouldn’t notice.
I sent the gun in on the 23rd of March and received it on Friday the 26th of March. No joke the rifle was returned to me with more problems. On Monday (the 29th of March) I talked to J Duncan the vice president of the company, and told him all the trouble I had gone through, and was still going through. He and I had talked about what was going on, and he told me that he was out of town the whole week before, and this was the first time he had heard about my rifle. He told me that he would fix it. I am still waiting to send it in for the third time. What is wrong with it now is that the trigger gets stuck. And before they shipped back the rifle back to me, they forgot to stake the Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point to the buffer tube nut (this is something they always do). I will let everyone know what happens when I received my rifle back the fourth time, but I am about to ask for my money back. I own other AR-15’s, which cost a lot less and have never had any issues.

I do not think that I am alone with my DD problems, and I feel that more people will start surfacing with their problems as well. If DD can not even fix problems with rifles after they have been sent in for repair, then I do not know how they will be able to keep others form having problems with there rifles in the future. I think that they make good quality rifle parts, but they need to work out the bugs in their rifle manufacturing process (and J Duncan agreed with this assessment). I am not trying to hurt DD reputation, but rather inform others of the problem I have experienced.
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