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Cup stove and Evernew Stand

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Last night I was attempting to break the spot welds on the obtrusive handle of my old faithful 14oz GSI cup so it would nest in my new addition GSI 18oz cup/pot. Needless to say the surgery was not a success and "a holy cup does not a water molecule contain". Well since I had my cook kit out I off-hand dropped my alc stove evernew Ti cross stand into the rim and SHAZAM! A Perfect Fit!

I am going to nip tuck some vents into the cup a bit to make a good cook ring/wind screen as my Esbit alc. fits in the cup nicely too. Just thought I would share my haphazard discovery in case anyone is looking for a compact stainless cook setup for a nice cup' O Tea or soup on the trails :sleep:. It also holds the big pot and pan nicely but I suspect heating time may be a bit longer.

Will be drilling in some lower air vents by the base in the near future.

Obviously when heating over flame the cozy comes off and the handles go on.
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Why do you show cup with stove on it on top of another stove?

Confuses the new folk and makes me wonder WTF.
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