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Remember when they used to sell fresh, refrigerated cake yeast? I liked the bread baked with it. It had a nice flavor.

The bottled yeast and envelope yeast we got nowadays is all sold out wherever you look. Also baking powder and baking soda all gone. You can bake sourdough with no store bought yeast, like they used in the old days. But without extra yeast it does not rise as well when using whole wheat flour or rye flour.

Has anyone developed a way to propagate the freeze dried yeast in bottles? And maybe it is not freeze dried, I don't know how it is produced. I'm down to last 2.5 bottles. I normally stocked 4 jars in reserve, but was too late to replenish. I probably needed 10 - 15 jars in reserve. Back when I cared I had 10 - 12 bottle of yeast in stock,but slacked off with it when peak oil didn't happen.

I've used the jar yeast expired a couple of years and still worked. Maybe requires 25% more. Also eggs help bread rise better than without eggs.

Opened jar yeast does not need super strict refrigeration for a while. I've had premixed bread mix stored in a bag at room temp for a month or more and it worked fine. Just added water and baked. But best to store yeast in fridge if possible.


I guess they still sell cake yeast, but I haven't seen any for ages in the Rustblet. Maybe sold in L.A. and NYC. The problem with cake yeast is a fast sell by date. People don't buy it within a few weeks and it is trashed. Although I don't remember exactly how long a shelf life fresh yeast had. The jar yeast was a dream. You had yeast on demand for years as opposed to a few weeks with fresh yeast that needed refrigeration.

...they got some nice looking baked goods there...huh.

As I've written this I have been sipping on a glass of fresh ginger beer I made. If the ginger beer comes out too hot and spicy, dilute with 15% - 25% mineral water. I also add a drop of elderberry syrup for taste and vits.

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The cake yeast will last virtually forever in a freezer. I originally ordered mine from Walton Feed back in the '90s. But have since found it at Sam's Club. I'm still using from my original batch stored in the freezer and it works just as fast as the fresh stuff.

We've had threads in here about keeping yeast cultures alive, and also on how to dry yeast cultures for later use. I have been away for a while, so I've lost touch with those threads, but a site search (use advanced search here ALWAYS) would probably turn them up in short order.

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The Bible forbids culturing yeasts, commanding that all yeasts be thrown out once a year and our houses cleaned of their spores.
Exodus 12:14-20,
Exodus 13:1-13,
Leviticus 23:5-6 we are to start with fresh caught wild yeast every year.

So I was taught as a teenager to fresh capture wild yeast every Spring, and then I keep that yeast growing until the following Spring.

That is for our breads [wheat but mostly bean-flour breads], for my home brewing I use brewers yeast.
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