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CS Recon Scout vs. Gerber LMF II

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Hey all,

I'm currently debating between these two knives, and would value the scrutiny of my fellow board members. Would like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of each. I'd be using it as an outdoors camping/hiking/wilderness knife. The recon scout would be the SK-5 one.

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I've got a Trail master the big brother of the RS and it's a fantastic blade, very tough and has excellent edge holding ability. I've handled several Gerber LMF's and just missed one NIB for $50 a month or so ago, they were well made and sharp but I've never actually used one so I can't be of much help in that regard.
I trolled Ebay for a while before scoring a carbonV recon scout.Can't say whether the sk5 is any good,all I know its chinese.
Gerber is okay,but not in my favorites list. They use strange steel.Doesn't seem to hold its edge for me.
It's preference man. They are both Great knives, and the LMF Uses a high carbon stainless steel. And they do a pretty good job of heat treating it in Oregon.
Ive got the LMF II good heavy blade and seems to stand up to abuse ok.
Both blades are good. I like the full flat grind on the CS better than the half/half of the LMF although Gerber got the serrations right. The largest problem I have had with the LMF is the hilt of the knife will fail you if you try to batton/split logs larger than say 3 inches and you need to hit the hilt area. One possible way around this is to hit the flat portion of the back of the handle which is designed for hammering capabilities.

It is funny, these are two knives that I feature in videos on my YouTube gear review page soon to be launched.
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I have always liked Cold Steel products,most of them. I'm not a Gerber fan. I had a Gerber multiplier fail me and my brother in law did too. So we don't buy Gerbers. TP
debating between two knives

Hey all,

I'm currently debating between these two knives, and would value the scrutiny of my fellow board members. Would like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of each. I'd be using it as an outdoors camping/hiking/wilderness knife. The recon scout would be the SK-5 one.

one of the pleasent experiances I just found was on get into the web of utube and question your desire by the way I have both knives that is by c.s. The r.s. And the trail master luv um both and I asked c.s. About the sk5 they said it was only 5 persent weaker then the carbon? Which isn't too bad itb still isv an awsome knife five sixteenths thick is awsome if kbar made a five sixteenths thick knife in the 109d steel it would bve an awsome tool also but try utube its a nice tool good luck
Both are fantastic. I prefer the Gerber. I have had nothing but good luck with their knives and their multi-tools as well. Everybody has different opinions however.
Recon Scout. I have several of many manufacturers' blades, so I have had ample opportunity to test out many. The steel is the first consideration for me in an outdoor {heavy use} environment, SK-5, while needing oil, is much easier to field sharpen SHARP than the steel on the LMF. Also, will hold up better under extreme abuse than the stainless Gerber uses. The LMF's sheath system is nice, but it might have to be modified for silence if that is a concern. All that being said, the LMF would definately not be a waste, just not the pick I would choose.
Say Heah guys...guess what? I went into my knife box and pulled out a knife I don't hear much about...unfortunaatly its discontinued...its made out of a 425mod steel. called the buckmaster 184...can anyone add some imput on this is comprable to the 3econ scout size and thickness...except the saw on the the blade and a rope cutting edge on the false has a hollow handle...really looks like a rambo kniife...but its a solid knife...for a hollow handle its not just a for looks it really a work horse...except when I wear it my group calls me rambutt he he he...c'.on guys I like to hear some opinions...remember opinions are like noses...everyone has one.
I think gerber uses the 154cm steel then I heard that the ats34 is either similar or same as the 154cm?
Ooops almost forgot the point...the reason I mentioed the buckmaster is....I had a. Freind sharpen it on a a razors edge...I stabbed a carbiard with it and the edge flaked a thich....I touched it up its good now...I lowered he is brittle steel....its great in saltwater....but at over a quarer inch camp its a work horse
Something I just read that the high end steel...should be matched up the proper angle edges we're so use to doing a specific angle on all our knives...well this artical said to find out what angle would be best suited...I hope I'm not posting on here I better slow down
I apologize I believe the lmf is a 428hc not the 154mc my gerber silver trident is the 154mc
I've owned and used the LMF for 2 years now and can say that for the price it is an exceptional piece. It holds an edge better than most and can take the abuse. My only gripe is that the serrated portion of the knife takes up too much of the blade. If it wasn't serrated, for the price and what you get, there wouldn't be much competition out there. I still prefer the Becker Combat Utility over the LMF, but only because the serrations.
I have an LMF II. My only gripe about it is the handle. Just from doing some minor batoning with it and taking it in and out of the sheath the handle has started to degrade. The rubber material is rubbing off with very minor use. Other than that it is an amazing knife for $68.
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