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Been lurking this board for quite a while. First off...a big thanks for the wealth of info I have obtained from all of you! :thumb:

I am married with three daughters (3.5 yrs and 1.5 yr old twins). My current goal is to stock enough preps to cover us for 6 months. Our primary plan is to stay put (we are on 2 acres...somewhat close to mid-sized city...but secluded enough to be adequate for our purposes), but I do have some supplies in case we need to BO. Long-term goal is 12+ months of supplies and a more secluded BOL. All in due time...

In the mean time...I would be tremendously grateful if you could review the supplies I have put together and offer any thoughts/suggestions you might have on major gaps or areas I need to bolster assuming the six-month goal.

In the list below...I have noted what I currently have in stock and what I plan on acquiring in the next few months (to get me to the 6-month goal).

Thanks in advance!!

5 gal H2O Bottles ~ 100 gal
Katadyn Hiker Pro (plus 2 extra filters) ~ 1
Royal Burkee (plus 4 extra filters) ~ 1
Purification tablets ~ 100


MISC Dehydrated Food Supplies ~ 1375 svgs
[#125 Servings - Potato Soup -- #150 Servings - Corn Chowder -- #125 Servings - Cacciatore -- #125 Servings - Western Stew -- #150 Servings - Country Noodle -- #125 Servings - Rice Lentil -- #225 Servings - Whey Milk -- #200 Servings - Blueberry Pancake -- #150 Servings - Barley Vegetable]

Dehydrated Vegetables ~ 6 - #10 cans
[Corn (1.25 lbs) -- Peas (1.25 lbs) -- Carrots (2 lbs) -- Onions (2 lbs) -- Celery (1.25 lbs) -- Potato Flakes (2lbs) ]

Dehydrated Fruit ~ 6 - #10 cans
[Strawberries (0.5 lbs) -- Apples (0.5 lbs) -- Rasberries (0.5 lbs) -- Peaches (1 lbs) -- Blueberries (1 lbs) -- Banana Chips (2lbs) ]

Rice (lbs) ~ 50
Dry Beans (lbs) ~ 20
Lentils (lbs) ~ 12
Flour (lbs) ~ 50
Powdered Milk (lbs) ~ 24
Powdered Eggs (lbs) ~ 5
Powdered Butter (lbs) ~ 5
Salt (lbs) ~ 10
Peanut Butter (lbs) ~ 6
Baking Soda ~ 5
Bisquick (lbs) ~ 6
Potato Flakes (lbs) ~ 4
Sugar (lbs) ~ 25
Honey (lbs) ~ 5
Brown Sugar ~ 7
Mixed Fruit Cans (4 oz) ~ 44
Green Bean Cans (14.5 oz) ~ 24
Corn Cans (14.5 oz) ~ 24
Peas (14.5 oz) ~ 16
Tomatoes (28 oz can) ~ 6
Black Beans (28 oz can) ~ 6
Mixed Soups (14.5 oz) ~ 8
Chicken Noodle Soup (12 oz) ~ 12
Instant Coffee (12 oz) ~ 2
Ground Coffee (large cans) ~ 2
Chicken Bullion Cubes ~ 225
Beef Bullion Cubes ~ 225
Pasta (1lb box) ~ 14
Canned Chicken (12.5 oz) ~ 24
Pasta Sauce (large jars) ~ 12
Cool-Aid / Lemon-Aid ~ 72 Qts
Pop Tarts ~ 36
Mylar and O2 Tabs ~ 10 & 100
Mixed Spices ~ ??
Hard Candy ~ ??
Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds (#10 can) ~ 2

Gas Cans (5 gal) ~ 4
Propane Tanks ~ 3

Medicine / First-Aid
Latex Gloves ~ 300
N95 Masks ~ 100
Hydrogen Peroxide ~ 2 Qt
Alcohol ~ 3 Qt
Ibuprofen ~ 2000 pills
Antacid ~ 320 pills
Iodine ~ 24oz
Benadryl ~ 300 pills
Infant Tylenol ~ 2 bottles
Children’s Tylenol/Motrin ~ 4 bottles
Neosporin ~ 5 large tubes
Potassium Iodide (65mg pills) ~ 100
Bandaids (misc size) ~ 6 boxes
Medical tape ~ 2 rolls
Gauze ~ 2 boxes
Feminine Hygiene ~ 3 boxes
Diapers/wipes ~ 2 boxes
Glasses ~ 4
Purrell ~ 6 bottles
Mosq repellant ~ 6 cans
Disp razors ~ 60

Plastic Wrap ~ 1 large roll
Lighters ~ 100
Lysol Wipes ~ 4 tubes
Duct Tape ~ 6 rolls
Cigs (carton) ~ 2
Crank Radio/light ~ 1
solar battery charger ~ 2
Petzl Head Lamp ~ 2
Mag Light ~ 2
Batt: D ~ 36
Batt: AA ~ 36
Batt: AAA ~ 36
Batt-Rechargeable: AA ~ 12
Batt-Rechargeable: D ~ 12
Batt-Rechargeable: C ~ 12
Batt-Rechargeable: AAA ~ 12
Large Propane Stove ~ 1
Small Propane Stove ~ 1
Small Propane Cans ~ 10
Para-Cord (50') ~ 6
Swiss Fire Steel ~ 1
Magnesium Fire Starter ~ 2
Solar Blankets (foil) ~ 8
Leatherman Multi-Tool ~ 1
Knives ~ 2
Backpack (Int Frame) ~ 2
Tents (Sm & Large) ~ 2
Sleeping Bags ~ 5
CB’s ~ 1
Chainsaw (+chain, oil, sharpener) ~ 1
Generator ~ 1
Misc Tools ~ plenty
Tiller ~ 1
Can Opener ~ 2
Clothing ~ ??
Heavy duty aluminum foil ~ 600’
Garbage bags ~ 2 boxes
Cookware ~ 1
Dutch Oven ~ 1 (5qt)
Canning Supplies??? ~ ??
Gallon Ziplock Bags ~ 152
GPS - Garmin Rhino ~ 2

Do you smell that?
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Looks like a great heap of insurance you have there, come out of the dark and lurk no longer, we dont bite. Much.

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dishwashing soap
lysol/bleach cleaner/your floor cleaner of choice
toothpaste spare toothbrushes
bond medicated powder
ace bandage

cooking oil
aloe vera gel
bug spray for yourself and the wasp nest that will try to settle in your overhang
toilet paper/paper towels

I'm sure there is more. The easiest way is to look through your toiletry and cleaning supplies and get 2 economy sized backups for everything
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I'd make it a shotgun since you have 3 daughters.:thumb:
Pretty complete but I agree; a few firearms & ammo(and training if possible for everyone) are in order unless you have them and just want OPSEC.
I might suggest a bit more fuel especially propane.
I use propane stoves in our home in Philippines that use a 30 # tank. We use at least a tank a month.

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For a lurker and first time poster, not bad at all (although storage of essentials is never complete).

BTW, did I miss the olive oil? I didn't see it included in your list.

You may also want to store some condiments. I saw the "spices" listed, but you may want to stock some BBQ sauce, catsup, mustard, teryaki, horseradish, etc.

Another item you may want to consider is canned meats, i.e., tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, sardines, etc. I realize that there is some protein content in some of the other foods that you included, but meat has some unique nutritional properties that you won't find in other foods. (Sorry vegetarians).

I don't want to discourage you, but you may also consider soaps, detergents, cleaning solutions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, chapstick, liquor, and other barterables. If you invest a couple of hours to walk every aisle in your local grocery store, you will notice items that you really won't want to live without. The longer you are at this, the more items you will add to your list.

And I agree with Humungus. If you haven't already, please begin storing some firearms and ammunition. Just be sure to invest in some training on the front end if you haven't received any otherwise.

Fantastic start Quinn. Once you reach your six-month goal, I hope you consider planning for a longer period of time.

I look forward to hearing more from you shortly.

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One thing I noticed was the stove choice. I personally prefer multi fuel stoves. My favorites are hand made and work best with alcohol, but they will run on diesel, gas, veggie oil, wood, and pretty much anything else that burns. They are also very efficient. For what they are you may want to consider making some, if not to use then as backups.
I would also include a suture kit in your first aid kit.
Also, I like the hike pro, but there is a filter system that is used in third would countries that is the best purifying system out. It's only problem is that if does 5 gallons at a time, but you would want that much so it may be a good investment. I will fing the info and post it for you.

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Here's a website of interest for long term water storage...http:// can never have enough propane.Walmart sells the canisters in a 2 pack for 5 bucks and some change.If and when you, go pick some up. Have an extra camp stove on hand for just in case and one at an alternative BOL.Also vitamin supplements,extra's...Toilet Paper is a must have and stock now while prices are still cheap.Hyper inflation is coming.What ever extra's you can afford will be essential because you can barter with them.Have some cash on hand as well.Small bills will do..

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Yodder's canned meats, Red Feather canned cheese and butter,-Cheese-&-Butter/Categories
Werlings canned meats
MRE's if you wan't them for your BOB
AR15, AK47, or AR10/.308 carbine
Glock, S&W M&P, Springfield XD, etc in 9mm, 40 S&W or .45ACP
Remington or Mossberg pump or semi-auto shotgun in 12ga
Min 1000 rounds ea. ++++
Cleaning supplies for weapons
Hydration Salts
Trauma/ Blow out kit
2nd CB
Axe & hatchet
uh...tired of thinking now.

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Here's the link to the filter info
here is the little bit I think will interest you
PUR Water Treatment Kit

Open the PUR packet.

PUR, a Swiss division of Proctor and Gamble, developed a water treatment kit for use in Third World countries a couple of years ago. They have now made the PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit available in North America. This kit will purify water, removing biological and many chemical contaminants, along with suspended particulates.

The complete kit includes two 10-liter containers (one for the untreated water to be treated, the other for the treated water to be decanted into), a stirring tool, a cotton cloth filter to remove the flocculus with the trapped contaminants, packets of the treatment chemical, and a packet opening tool. The first container is filled with the water to be treated. The premeasured chemical packet, containing iron sulphate and calcium hypochlorite, is poured into the water and the stirring tool is used to stir the water to mix the chemical thoroughly. The container is then closed and let stand for 10 minutes.

Stir with the tool.

The iron sulphate forms a flocculus (similar in appearance to fluffy cotton), which settles to the bottom, carrying most of the biological contaminants, silt and other suspended particulates, and most chemical contaminants (including heavy metal compounds) to the bottom. After 10 minutes, the water is carefully decanted through the cloth filter into the second container, which is allowed to sit for an additional 10 minutes, during which the remaining pathogens (viruses) are killed by the calcium hypochlorite acting as the purifying agent. At this point the water is pure enough to pass international standards for drinking water.

The two major problems with the PUR kit are that it is currently somewhat difficult to obtain, and that the packets are pre-measured for 10 liters. You cannot use a partial packet for a smaller amount of water (the powder does not necessarily have the components uniformly mixed throughout the packet, so you must empty the complete packet into the water). While this is ok for a group (or, in Third World communities, for a family group), this is inconvenient for the individual backpacker or a small group of backpackers. However, the cost is very small, less than the cost per liter of most of the other methods described.

The resulting flocculus.

The big advantage is that this is the only method available for water contaminated heavily with suspended particulates, many chemical contaminants, and virtually all biological contaminants. It would work well for larger backcountry groups, as well as in case of a natural or man-made disaster that interrupts municipal water supplies. It will not desalinate water.

Advantages of PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit:

* Removes biological, particulate, and some chemical contamination.
* Particularly good for Third World and highly contaminated water sources, and during natural or man-made disasters.

Decant. (photos: B. Straka)
* Inexpensive.
* Simple procedure.
* Treats 10 liters at a time, so is best for large groups.

Disadvantages of PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit:

* Treats 10 liters at a time—no smaller, no larger—so inconvenient for most backpackers.
* Takes 20 minutes total time for treatment.

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Bleach is important, as stated by HFTB. Also I think the vinegar he mentioned is real important. Vinegar is an alternative method of preserving foods (pickles, sauerkraut, etc) and also for a taste change, for vinegar and oil salad dressing, or other applications.
I'd add more oil, lard, shortening (maybe butter-flavored shortening), freeze dried butter, or other to fry foods in and also because fat is so vital to survival, especially during a food shortage.
You're doing really great, it seems to me...better that I am anyway!

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I would get more water and dried milk. If you are flushing toilets, 100 gals wont last long. More tuna and eggs for growing kids. I see you have a generator, but a kerosene lantern is hard to beat.

Oh, if you are bugging in with kids GET LOTS OF BOARD GAMES me on this.......

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Us girls tend to use more t.p. [according to my DH], so stock up. Also, since your girls are small, think of their fave comfort foods.

Dishwashing and clothes washing soap/detergent?

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Looks like a good list of stuff to start out with. A million things can go off or come on depending on your particular needs.

100 gallons will not last you one month even on short rations. More storage and a collection method would be a must.

That looks like quite a bit of food. What are you going to do with it? Do you have recipes you can use with these ingredients? I do not see any meat in there.

Ask you wife about the feminine hygiene products.

AFAIK, most gennys will go through twenty gallons of gas in less than two weeks.

I would also store some age appropriate toys but keep them hidden. Might be a nice surprise on a particularly bad day.

A year, five years, ten years; these are bandied around here a lot but they are not easy. Even six months is difficult. I am starting with a shorter goal and I suggest you do the same. Maybe try for a month's worth and test it out a couple times.

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Include a range of seeds, mouse and rat traps and garden implements. You may also include cockroach baits as these pests will make short work of stored food. I would also have enough screw top glass jars and plastic container to store prepared food and grown food in. A solar dehydrator is also a good item to have.


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I think you need some more kid friendly foods, maybe some pudding mix, apple sauce etc. i would also add more sugar and flour. I didnt see yeast on there either. I would also get some reuseable diapers, cloth ones with the plastic pants that go over top - the two youngest will be using them for a little longer and with shtf situation they may begin bed wetting even if trained.

and with little kids i would get an eye flushing bottle...

over all excellent start
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