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In medium to large cities there is always crime. It comes with large populations. The largest city in Iowa (Des Moines) is actually very small compared to other cities around America. Most crime in Des Moines is usually theft, drug related or traffic. Lately crime has been increasing in these areas and the extremely rare murder crimes are sky rocketting.

A few weeks ago the gas station I use to go to before moving got robbed. This was strange to me because the area was not known for crime. Last week the gas station I go to now since moving got robbed. Both these stations are "Git N Go's" and I find it very unsettling that robberies are getting this close to home. (6 blocks away)

I had never even heard of bank robberies until about a year or so ago and now you hear about a few every month. Home invasions are on the rise and more murders and serious injuries are being attributed to these rising home invasions. Common theft is going way off the scale at retail store thefts and burgleries are moving into nice neighborhoods. That is my biggest concern. These two gas stations that were robbed were in good areas. The one one I use to go to is across the street from a school and next door to a Catholic School/Chapel.

This has become very unsettling for me as I attribute this to the failing economy and the mass amounts of forclosures in the area. People are becoming desperate and more home are being burglarized and more gas stations and banks are getting knocked off. I'm about to have a meeting with my wife about reinforceing the beasement windows or installing a security system. Also sleeping with a loaded handgun in the bedroom has also surfaced and will be initiated shortly. It's only a matter of time I believe until a house burglery occurs on our block.

Any suggestions? Your comments and questions are welcome.

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