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Are you serious? I saw the trailer preview..
You couldn't pay me to go see that overhyped piece of commercialized rubbish. I'll wait until it's on TNT or G4 next year. I predict that mindless sheeple masses will blindly flock to that big-budget turd in record numbers this weekend to give their money away to multi-millionaires' Harrison Ford, Jon Favreau and Ron Howard to make them even more filthy rich. I can think of 10,000 other things to spend my money on for entertainment. Is Harrison Ford that desperate for work that he would be involved in something like this? Did he even bother to read the script before agreeing to act in the movie? LoL

Since the new History Channel Ancient Aliens episode tonight was a direct tie-in for the upcoming movie, i give it two thumbs down as well. Next step will be merchandising tie-in geegaws like tshirts, video games, coffee cups, McD's, BK, Taco Bell, Coke, Pepsi frisbees, and action figures.


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The worst thing is, it's not the first Cowboy and Aliens
movie. Look up Oblivion; a direct to video movie made by Full Moon back in the 90's. Hilariously campy.

On a similar note, try finding Sundown. Vampires wearing SPF 500 having showdowns with Colt 45's.....loaded with wooden bullets that splinter on impact. "You have to shoot him in the HEART."

I love movies like this that don't take themselves seriously. Somehow I doubt this one fits into that category.

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I saw the movie tonight
I thought it was pretty good.
Only part I would say I'm disappointed in is Olivia Wildes "nude scene"
I just read on Yahoo, that those were not her real nipples. She wore pasties and they CGI'id her nipples on because she didnt want to do a topless scene.

First they put actors heads on a younger person body (tron) now they are putting fake nipples on for nude scenes. Whats the world comming to?
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